Tuesday, March 22, 2011

busy days, short nights

I should have posted something yesterday, but we had a busy weekend away (!) from the kids visiting our friends and their new baby.  And I've been spending every free second editing pictures of her.  She is just about the most gorgeous baby ever.  I got permission to prove it to all of you:

{I KNOW, I know. *sigh*}

There will be more tomorrow of this beauty for You Capture.  So come on back, you hear?  In the meantime, after spending time with the lovely Lucy, my ovaries were starting to scream at me.  And then I came home to my littles who both kept me up Sunday night, and I thought: ok, 2 is good for now.  And maybe forever, we'll have to see.

p.s. I also spent waaaayyy too much time redecorating my blog.  It was being a great big bitch.  There I said it, blog.  You were being a bitch.

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