Monday, March 7, 2011

the weekend warriors (yes, that's sarcasm)

Oh, why do you go by so fast, my dear, dear weekends?  I love you so much, and yet you only stay so briefly and then sneak out sometime in the wee hours of Monday morning like a scorned walk of shamer.  But I forgive you if it means you'll come back to me later this week.  I know I'm being melodramatic, but you have no idea how fast a weekend can speed by when you're busy doing the things that you were not able to do because you are taking care of kids.  Ok, so most of you probably do, but still. 

We did nothing exciting, but still had a great weekend.  I got to go shopping on Saturday!!  By myself!!  I bought art supplies from Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick!!  I love D.B.  It is so arty and fun.  And everyone is very punk/trendy in there or OLD.  Yes, friends, I was the lone 30something mom in there.  Wearing sensible shoes and all.  Well, I guess the OLD were wearing sensible shoes, too, now that I think about it.  Anyway, exciting projects to come, stay tuned!

When I got home, I found these photos on my camera:

Pretty cute, huh?  What's cookin'?  Our kid, apparently.  Actually, what's cookin' is Papa!  Brian whipped up a vat of his fabulous chili for a cook-off at work and won FIRST PLACE!  Congratulations to Brian!  It was pretty tasty and I'm not surprised he won.  This was not his first chili rodeo, and he's won before.

After stewing the toddler, we went onto some spring cleaning.  I know, very exciting. 

Fletcher made sure Papa was clean, too.  Rowan also had a big weekend, she learned to climb the stairs and give me mini-strokes in the process.  Sooo, she was thwarted by a new baby gate, much to her utter dismay.  Don't fence me in, not even for my own safety, damn it!!!  She also started pointing:

And made good use of her four teeth by eating her first serving (or two!) of lasagna.  Like Garfield, this girl is.  (um, didn't mean to sound like Yoda there, but whatever, I'll leave it)

We had a great dinner with new friends last night, and are looking forward to getting together with them again!  And now it's Monday.  Oh, Monday I dislike you very much.  But without you, I guess I'd never appreciate my beloved weekends.

p.s. Fletcher told his first joke over the weekend. It went something like this:
Fletcher: Mama, I want to tell you a joke!
Me: Ok, what's the joke?
Fletcher: (with furrowed brow) Joke.
Me: Uh, what's the joke?
Fletcher: Jokey-joke!!
Hey, we can't all be Chris Rock.

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  1. Okay, so I guess it's really bad when I think I get Fletcher's joke. Good one, my man! punchlines are way overrated.
    ruthie, you are funny and kudos to brian, I love his chili!


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