Monday, March 14, 2011

I love a St. Patrick's Day parade!

Brace yourselves.  This is going to be a photo bonanza.  It's super hard to pick photos for my blog when we actually DO something with the kids.  We actually LEFT the house this past weekend.  A couple times!!  We also had good friends up from Indy and their sweet baby boy, Alexander. 

 I have to say that the kids were super cute together, and Fletcher shared his toys like a champ.  Alex is 3 weeks younger than Rowan, so it was fun to see them playing together.  Kind of together. 

We did a lot of playing at home, and Alex is just so chill.  He is super happy to just hang out and play, and I have to say he is a character.  He talks and babbles a LOT and is pretty darn cute, to boot!  On Saturday, our town had their St. Patty's Day festivities.  We got on all our greenery:

There's always a parade, and then the local bars have music and general merriment.  We had to skip out on the bars.  Thanks a lot, kids!  But that's ok, cause we prepared earlier that morning with Irish coffees and bloody mary's.  What?  We WALKED!!  We did indeed walk downtown to the parade, and man, oh man it was cooooollllddd.  But we bundled up and braved the elements like the brave little troopers we happen to be.  Plus the Irish coffee in our cups helped.  Shhh, don't tell those police men we saw in the parade.  Of course our town's police have much more pressing issues than our spiked coffee.

 {These people look like super cool awesome parade watchers, no?  I edited out the strollers.}

{This is the back view of my husband's kilt.  Uh, one of them.  He has quite the collection!} 

{This is what the dog did on my foot after the firing squad shot their guns.  Ugh.}


 What fun! I would post more pictures of the parade, but seriously, why would you want to see that when you could see more of US?

{See?  Way better than another picture of a firetruck.}


  1. I love these pictures! I think that it's a reenactment group or unit or a drill unit. A firing squad is the group that does executions. The photos don't really do justice to how cold it is out there. I like this post.

  2. Looks Like a fun time was had! Love the Irish festivities! And though you didn't make it to the bar for liquid merriment, I see that you definitely have your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are so cute little leprechauns!!!!

  3. my only question is why does is have so many kilts? And how does one get their husband to wear kilts? Is this something the man does without your input? Cause I love a man in a kilt, but my man? Never gonna wear one.


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