Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Capture: Technology

This week's You Capture is technology.  This was a little challenging.  I really didn't think I could get anything attractive or aesthetically pleasing enough.  Plus there was the whole problem of how the hell do I include my children in these pictures??  Because let's face it, that is how I photo-roll.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology.  I am addicted to my computer, my phone, my tv, my car, my washing machine, my microwave.  I could go on for days.  I could write odes to the technology in my life.  I like to read Little House on the Prairie and laugh and laugh at those poor fools without any electricity.  Poor, poor fools.  Buuut, can't think of any technology that I'd like to actually photograph.  So I wandered aimlessly around my house for a while and tada!!  Found a couple.  Bonus points to me for finding something that included at least one of my children.

{yes, those pretty lights would be Rowan saying come get me already, mom!}

Bonus picture:

Fletcher adores technology.  He loves anything with buttons, beeps, and lights.  Including this little batman computer.  It is loud and talks in a nice boomy-batman voice that he likes.  He pressed the letter "I" while I was taking his picture, which makes the computer say "I.  I is for ice cream."  Which makes Fletcher say, "Oooo, I love ice cream."  This is my son, no doubt.


  1. Oh baby moniter! I like that one...I wish we still had ours, we moved to Germany and haven't bothered getting a new one to fit these outlets since she's 2 and now in a toddler bed, we don't really need it. I love the one of your son playing his little computer! :) Cute!

  2. So cute,oh that light on the monitor cracks me up, such a big part of my day!

  3. Those have come a long way since my babies were babies- wow

    Great job this week

  4. I like the B&W with the boy and the baby monitor was very creative. It captures so many of the aspects that make up your day to day. Nice work!


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