Monday, March 28, 2011

I heart faces: slice of life

I just got Lightroom thanks to our friend, Andrew!  I have been using it ALL weekend on all sort of photos.  I love it.  But my conclusion is that eventually, I will want Photoshop, too.  Cause I just do.  So I thought I'd enter another photo challenge this week with all my overflow of edited photos.  Click on the button if you'd like to see more.

This week's theme is slice of life.  Since we live within walking distance of 3 parks and about 5 playgrounds, a slice of life around here includes a walk to a park.  Even if the weather is just remotely "nice."  Nice is relative around here.  Here is the boy communing with nature:

He was literally talking to the tree.  Letting it know it had sap.  And it was sticky.  And he's not to touch it, but he'd really really like to.  We call him Mother Nature's son around here.


  1. That it too funny! Great moment you captured.

  2. I love this photo, I think this is one of my new favorites!

  3. I love this and just where did he get the gene for chattiness?


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