Thursday, February 2, 2012

the test kitchen

Over the weekend, Brian and Fletcher were invited to go to a playdate.  Fletcher got to play with other kiddos and Brian got to talk about woodworking with his friend while drinking a beer.  It was a perfect playdate for both of them!

I thought it would be fun to make cookies to take over as a little thank you.  And when I was trying to decide what to make, it occured to me that I would like to try different types of cookies in one batch.  So we gathered ingredients and started experimenting.
Here's what we gathered:
peanut butter
peppermint marshmallows
chocolate kisses
semi-sweet chocolate chips
cinnamon + brown sugar apples

I mixed up a sugar cookie mix, and we went to town!  The littles had a lot of fun directing what should go in the cookies, and maybe tasting a little, too.
We tried lots of combinations.  Cinnamon apples with caramels.
Peppermint marshmallows with chocolate chips.
Cinnamon apples with peanut butter.
And of course, NUTELLA.
We folded them up, ball-like, crossed our fingers and stuck them in the oven.  And they turned out great!
And here is Brian's contribution:  one HUGE cookie with nutella and apples. 
I also tried sticking a bit of cookie down into mini muffin tins, and then topping with nutella = Nutella Cookie Cups!  They were really awesome.  You should try it.  You should.  TRUST ME.
They turned out really pretty, too.
But I think my favorite were the cinnamon apples.
The littles liked the cookies with chocolate of any type and peanut butter.  Rowan calls cookies "doodies" so we hear lots of pleas of "doodies" around here. 

Hope you enjoy turning your own kitchen into a test kitchen!


  1. These look so decadent... and yummy! Cookies are my weakness. I eat half the dough before they've even baked :)

  2. You are so CREATIVE and those cookies look amazingly delicious.

  3. Ruthie, I shared this with my mother-in-law, the cookie QUEEN, and she loved it! Then it sparked a whole conversation on why I love Ruthie, not just for her kitchen talents, of course! You are awesome! xoxo


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