Thursday, October 4, 2012

pumpkin patching

We had such a great time at the pumpkin patch last weekend with my parents.  Brian was sad to lose out on it, but we'll go again.  This one in particular had goats, piggies, and a baby yak (!) to feed, not to mention free range chickens.  Just free rangin'.  I mistakenly referred to the baby yak as a calf.  Oh boy, the owner looked at me like I was some city girl.  Which I am.  Guilty as charged farm lady!  They had a ton of games, a hay maze, hay rides, barrel train rides, and basically everything that makes a pumpkin patch great.  We picked out a few pumpkins, pet the yak, fed the cutest pygmy goat, and met a little piggy named Bacon.  It was fun. 
Do you go pumpkin patching? 


  1. I have never been to a pumpkin patch and I too would have called the baby yak a calf! Hahaha, farm lady. Great pictures. I particularly like the one of the kids with their backs to the camera in the pumpkin patch.


  2. I so adore that picture of the two of them in the pumpkin patch, carrying their finds. Isn't it just the perfect fun for children? I also am a city girl, and don't know proper animal names. I love to explore in the country though. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. We are supposed to be attempting a pumpkin patch soon. I hope I can wrangle pictures as cute as yours! Did Farm Lady even bother correcting you about the yak baby? I have no idea what to call that thing and I'm from the sticks. LOL

  4. See you tonight, at the Rinella Pumpkin Patch! One pudgy pumpkin awaits your arrival! xoxo Safe travels!

  5. We do, but we wait until nearly the end of October-- the 28th is Thing 3's birthday {she'll be 15!}, and we incorporate pumpkin carving into her celebration!

  6. Such great fall photos. I love growing and or shopping for pumpkins. It's always such a happy sight to have them lined up on my stoop or on the kitchen counter. Pumpkin's make the short days more tolerable :) also I loved that last little post... and that you actually have a box labeled fall!


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