Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween hustle

Well, it happened again this year.  The Halloween hustle.  When I hurry hurry to get my kid's costumes finished before trick or treat time.  This year I have the added pressure of getting them done before preschool starts.  Yikes! 

I know.  I could easily go buy costumes from the store.  And mostly this year, Rowan's costume will be store bought with just a few embellishments made at home.  But there is something just so fun about homemade costumes.  My mom made my costume every year.  Until I was old enough to make my own!  I love it.  So here's a sneak peek at Fletcher's costume this year (the homemade portion).  I can't wait to tell him all about how I stayed up til midnight the night before Halloween, with literally bleeding fingers, to make him this costume.  I'm sure he'll appreciate the story when he's a teenager, ha!
   Can you guess what he is?  We'll be adding a mask and a light saber later.  Is that a good enough hint?  And here are the costumes from last year.  Rowan would not keep on the homemade yarn wig for her Dorothy costume, but it wasn't worth the struggle.  I'm sure it will be the same story this year for the handmade component. 

Happy Halloween!  Hope yours is spooky fun!


  1. Wow, he looks so great! You can tell by his grin that he's proud of his attire! You did a great job, once again, Mama! Hats off (and wigs too, hehe)to you! Superb!

  2. He looks awesome- nice work! I am a total Star Wars geek but James is allergic to sci-fi so I have to wait until Wyatt is old enough to demand a good light saber :) I also love the costumes from last year... hope those lucky littles appreciate all the hard work. Happy Halloween

  3. They look super nice, great work! I don´t know if I´d be that patient..! :-D

  4. You're such a good mom. And crafty to boot! Hope y'all get a lot of great candy! Make sure you sample a lot of it to be sure it's safe for children's consumption. ;)

  5. They are adorable! Love the little red shoes. Can't wait to see the update.

  6. Homemade costumes are the best! You are so creative! Happy Halloween!


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