Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hoosier weekend

We spent the long weekend with good friends, Marcus and Kelly, and their little boy, Alex, in Indianapolis.  The highlight of the weekend for me was going shopping and having lunch with Kelly while the Dads watched all the littles.  Kelly took me to Midland Market, a massive antique store.  It was amazing, and if I had room in our car, I would have stuffed it full of furniture.  I did find a few treasures that would fit, though.  The highlight for Brian was probably going out for Ethiopian food and drinks.  It was different!  I love trying new foods, and everything I tasted was pretty good.  But then I was sticking to the vegetarian menu, and not eating the *raw* meat. My husband is the adventurous eater.  I'm all for trying something new, but not at the peril of my stomach lining.   And the highlight for the littles was the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  It was amazing.  And they are still talking about it, which means it was a hit! 
Thanks so much to Kelly and Marcus for their incredible hospitality.  Kelly makes the best homemade doughnuts ever, and Marcus makes the most delicious pasta Arrabiata we've ever had! 


  1. Awww, Thanks! I love it! I especially like the Rowan picture on the horse and the photo of the glass art! You are great at capturing moments of joy.

  2. it looks like everyone had a fabulous weekend. Beautiful pics.

  3. Wow that children's museum looks awesome! What was the multi-story curly straw thing?

    I can't wait to see what you thrifted....

    1. It's a Dale Chihuly blown glass sculpture. If you google him, prepare to be amazed.

  4. What awesome pics!! That first one is down right artistic-- fantastic!!

  5. Glad you guys had a fun trip- and great pictures of course. I love Ethiopian food (the veggie version at least). My favorite is that soft bread that you eat it all with- not sure if that's standard but it's the way our local restaurant does it. Now I am craving some!

  6. I have been to that Children's Museum and it IS AWESOME! So glad you could take them! I really love the look on Fletcher's face as he's peering through the glass at the Hotwheels exhibit. I can see the longing in his eyes. So cute, what a great trip for your family! Looks like everyone had a great time. Shoutout to Kelly and her family! I haven't seen her since your girls' Texas days.

  7. What? Karen has gotten to meet the infamous Kelly and I haven't? Let's plan a girls weekend in Indy STAT. Okay, I might have an ulterior motive to get to that antique shop... glad you all had fun. :)

  8. Amazing photos Ruthie. What a fun little trip. I would love the lunch out and antiques shopping too. Nice!

  9. Wow! That looks like so much fun!

    In St. Louis, we have a huge blown-glass sculpture like that at the Botanical Gardens... I wonder if it is by the same artist?


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