Friday, November 16, 2012

the ten.6

1.  This week I had my very first parent/teacher meeting!  Many more to come, I know.  Fletcher is doing so so great, especially considering he is the youngest in his class by far.  I am so proud of everything the teacher said about him.  He's smart, and that makes me proud.  But it's his kindness and compassion that slays me.  Proud mama, here.
2. I stayed up late last night cooking for some good ol' forced family fun today, Army style!  I also stayed up finishing a portrait of Rowan for a fundraising auction.  I'm not actually auctioning off the picture of Rowan, but using it as an example for a portrait of their choice.  I'm just going to say it.  I'm pretty nervous that no one bids on it.  I guess if that happens, I still have a baby portrait of Rowan?
3. I haven't gotten even one Christmas present yet.  My blood pressure just jumped when I typed that.
4. I'm hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving.  My blood pressure just jumped when I typed that. 
5. How long will this last?  She's wearing her Halloween costume every. single. day.  I have to talk her out of the wings when we go into public.  Have I ever mentioned I have the most stubborn 2 year old in the world? 
6. Kris's hats are pretty much perfect, and I think we should all urge her to start selling them.  (Ha!  As if a homeschooling mama of 4 needs one more thing on her plate)
7. We have an Army ball coming up next month, and I think this dress would be perfect for a December ball.  But I'll probably just wear something I already own.  Boo.
8. I have 13 of those big Rubbermaid tubs full of Christmas decorations.  That is all.
9.  This.
10. I know my postings haven't been as regular lately, and I'm sorry about that.  I usually work on pictures the night before, and write up my post in the morning before the littles are up.  Well, daylight savings really put a kink in that one!  I'm just too much of a night owl to wake up even earlier.  Also?   I put a lot of energy and time in this here blog, and sometimes it feels nice to pull back and invest that time and energy in other places. 


  1. Ah the crack, sadly I have shots like this of not only Wyatt but James... but he'd kill me if I put them out into the world :) I am still in denial about this Christmas thing until Thanksgiving is over. Are we really supposed to shopping already? Although I have to confess I did already buy a play kitchen- so I guess those Christmas thoughts are creeping in.

    Happy Week-end!

  2. I love your blogs and when you miss a day the next one is even more special. I love the pics of the kids and I feel like I stay connected when I see them. Your Thanksgiving will be wonderful and you're right on track for Christmas. And it is good that Fletcher's teachers recognizes what we know; Fletcher is sweet, kind, and smart. And he is his own self. And Rowan is smart, flamboyant and very much her own self. Love ya all.

  3. Sweet photos. I'm glad the teacher meeting went well. I am sure that people will bid on your fantastic portrait skills! What a great gift it would be. I would just let Rowan wear her wings. How long do you get to be a kid and go crazy? My daughter has worn some funky outfits, I tell you. ;)

  4. Great post. I love the crack, and knowing Fletcher, he won't be upset at you one day. He really IS just that sweet. Don't worry about the holidays. Yes, it's true that Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...(how's that for a John Denver and the Muppets Christmas reference for ya?) But you will do great. One night after the littles are asleep, you'll get a sudden burst of energy, throw on a little Cheiftans Christmas, make some spiked egg nog and knock it out! I worry about finding the time to do it all with a little baby, but we always manage to do it somehow. It seems we always have one little project after another, but after all, isn't that what makes things so fun? And interesting. We work best under pressure. Just keep the booze a-flowing. Love ya!

  5. I would let Rowan wear the wings, photograph her in them at the supermarket, then have the photo put in to her senior high school yearbook {just like the photo I published of Thing 1 with a bubble mohawk-- planning to put the embarrassing photos taken when acquiescing to the demands of a dictatorial 2 year old makes the demands of said two year old a wee bit more enjoyable}. I have utterly no doubt that your custom portrait will be bid on-- we've seen your artistic ability on your blog, you are very, very talented. And, if for whatever reason, it does not go as planned, turn it into a blog giveaway, I would totally bid on the opportunity to have an original piece!!

  6. Very nice, very nice. I think that dress is very pretty and would look festive with your hair for a holiday ball. If you don't splurge, you should try to find a knockoff elsewhere. It's lovely. And I am a huge fan of the plumber crack. And I don't know how your little angel with wings could be so stubborn. She looks so gentle in that picture! :-)


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