Thursday, November 8, 2012

past in picture: December 2009

Well, this picture pretty much speaks for itself.  Poor, poor Fletcher.  He was only 18 months old, and didn't quite get Santa yet.  He was so excited as we waited in line to see Santa, mostly catching the frenetic energy of the other children waiting around us.  And he smiled and waved at Santa, and even sat in Santa's lap readily.  But then I walked back to take the picture, turned around, and this is what I saw!  I know that some moms don't like these pictures, but I swear it was just this split second before I rescued him from Santa.  And I'm sorry, but I DO find it hilarious!!  And Fletcher is no worse for the wear.  He adores Santa Clause now and will happily sit in his lap to chat.  I feel like Santa is all the kiddos are talking about lately, so I thought of this picture. 

Do you have similar Santa pictures with your own littles?


  1. ~ I have an almost identical one of Wesley! Like you, it makes me laugh.

  2. I have ONE Santa picture, taken when my son was six months old. That's it. None of my daughter. They were terrified of Santa and I tried to coax, but I wasn't about to drag them kicking and screaming to Santa's lap! :) This will be fun for Fletcher to see when he's older. By the way, is it getting close to Christmas? Now I am scared. I better start shopping. ;)

  3. Classic. Little Fletcher is such a cutie- even with the trauma (how could you?! :))My mom his a whole bunch from me as a kid, we always went to Macy's in NYC and stood in a giant line. Santa was terrifying and I remember being so upset that I could once see glue in his beard- maybe I will have to dig those pics up.

    As for dragging Wyatt, I think he would freak the frick out way more than this pic. He is really wary of strangers and new situations. It could happen, but I'm betting we'll hold off at least another year.

  4. This is what I have to look forward to...:) Right now, my little 4 month old is obsessed with men who have beards. I think pretty soon, he's gonna reach out and grab a fistful.

  5. LOL too cute for words!! My kids never really had an issue with Santa, but they are also really gregarious {which they did not inherent from me lol}. I do have a picture of Thing 3 when she was a toddler in the early stages of a fantastic tantrum-- she loves that pic now lol!

  6. I keep Sam's screaming-on-Santa-picture on our fridge year-round. I love it so much. (Secretly hoping for a similar one, but with TWO screaming kids, this year. Is that wrong? lol)


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