Monday, February 13, 2012

29 {for the 6th time}

That would be 34 if you're bad at math.  Brian and I have a "joke" about how I turn 29 every year.  It's hilarious, I know.  So I just turned 29, again, last Saturday.  And maybe I would have been upset about being another year older, but I had one of the best birthdays EVER!

I told Brian that all I wanted for my birthday was to go out for dinner and to see the movie, The Vow, with the stipulation that he would not make fun of the movie before, during OR after.  Well, I got the better end of the deal because that was NOT a good movie, people. 

So of course Brian agreed, and then went 10 shades above and beyond dinner and a movie.  First came breakfast in bed: coffee and krispy kreme donuts.  And that was the point where my 34 year old ass spread its yearly inch.  Along with breakfast came cards from each of the kiddos and from Brian, too. 
Nice tracing by Fletcher, there. 

And then I was off for the day to myself!  If you're asking why someone would want to be alone on their birthday, then perhaps you do not stay home with your children.  Brian made me spa appointments for an hour! and a half! massage, and for a mani/pedi.  After 3 hours, I was melted pool of butta with beautiful nails.  The massage was especially nice because I had injured my ankle in a kettlebell incident earlier in the week.  And by incident, I mean I tripped over it and fell.  You didn't actually think I was using it to work out, did you?  I then did a little shopping for myself, and went to Starbucks for a coffee to perk up (thanks for the gift card, Karen!!).

When I got home in the late afternoon, both the littles were napping and I found this waiting for me:
My favorite champagne.  And here is Brian photo-bombing my champagne picture with his new favorite spatula.  Yes, that is Darth Vader.  Nice.
We sat in front of the fireplace and watched a little t.v. while sipping our champagne.  So awesome.  And then later that evening, we did the dinner and a movie thing.  Which was also awesome.  We dressed up, and I WORE A SKIRT.  I've barely had a chance to wear a skirt since I quit working over 3 years ago. 

And although I said not to get me anything, he gave me a lovely new camera bag, plus an extra battery and two new sd cards since I'm always leaving the house with my card still stuck in the computer or with a dead battery.  Cause I'm just THAT ORGANIZED. 

It was such a nice birthday, I barely even noticed how very very old I am.  Barely. 

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  1. Omg happy birthday!! Sounds like a really great day. I'm all about spending time alone-spa day sounds amazing. Please have your husband call my husband so he can accurately replicate this day for me. ;)

    Hate to hear the vow was awful... Was looking forward to one day renting it from redbox. Guess I'll save my dollar!


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