Wednesday, February 15, 2012

smoke gets in your eyes

Well, we have officially done our part in stimulating the economy due to Valentine's Day.  It starts innocently enough.  We get cards.  I get flowers.  He gets bourbon.  Littles get balloons.  But then!  It would be nice if the kids had a little gift to open!  Or two!  And cookies!  And chocolates!  And stickers!  And! And! And!  I know.  Ridiculous.  I really should start planning ahead and doing some sort of homemade presents, but uh, nope. 
I think they both liked their little gifts.  Rowan even wore her barrettes most of the day!
And she's been very busy with phone calls.  We even wore festive outfits!
Darth Vader is festive, right?  Here is the shirt I finally got finished for Fletcher!  I think it came out pretty great, if I may say so myself.  This design will be in the etsy shop I'm planning on opening, for sure! 
Fletcher is a fan.  Almost as much as his geeky papa!  But the biggest hit of Valentine's day were the balloons that Brian brought home.
The littles ran around the house with them for at least an hour or two.  And Rowan kept going up to Brian and saying, "Tank-oo, Papa!"  She must have said it about 20 times.  LITERALLY.  I think that Brian was pretty happy with his bourbon, too.
And I got my flowers and chocolate, of course!  We all had fun playing with balloons, and then having a nice long dance party.  The littles are big dancers.  Rowan's new style of dance is to close her eyes and stumble around the room.  It's pretty much as awesome as it sounds.  I'll have to upload a video. 

Then Fletcher and Rowan went off to bed and we made some dinner.  I made fondue with bread, veggies, and apples, while Brian cooked his steak.  He decided to provide a romantic atmosphere by smoking out the entire house from his steak cooking.  We had to open all the doors and windows downstairs and take down the smoke detectors.  It was like a pea-soup fog in here.  Once we got the smoke cleared out, we made a picnic in front of the fireplace.
We watched The Walking Dead while we ate.  Super romantic, right?  Note to self: don't try and eat when watching The Walking Dead. 

Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love and romance.  And zombies, too, if that's your thing.


  1. Balloons are always a sign of a good time! Glad y'all had a fun Valentine's Day! I'm glad you involve your kiddos to show them that it's not just a day for ADULT love, but EVERYBODY love! :)

  2. It sounds like a great time was had by all

  3. Fondue twins! Looks like you guys all had a wonderful day- and I love the outfits and the shirt you made.


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