Tuesday, February 7, 2012

why i love pinterest: felt flower wreath

I am always on the hunt for a good wreath.  It's easy to find one for fall or Christmas, but for Spring?  Not as easy unless you are a big fan of fake flowers.  And I am not.  Well, I guess these are technically fake, but you know what I mean, right?  Just nod your head and move along.

So I found this wreath on Pinterest and took inspiration from it!  I did change the way I rolled up the flowers, but I chose my beloved turquoise and yellow in felt, and then I used some of that left over drop cloth from my tree skirt project.

It did take me a few hours to roll up the rosettes, but they were happy hours since I was catching up on Mad Men.  How did I only just start watching this show?  I know I'm going off on a tangent, but it is really some awesome television and I am now hooked.  {special thanks to Kelly, for getting me hooked, and for sharing her netflix password}  If you haven't watched it, you have time to catch up before the 5th season starts.  Especially if you watch it like I did, every. second. that. I. could.

Anyway, I rolled up quite a few rosettes in varying size.
I used fabric glue on these.  Then I grabbed my grapevine wreath and a glue gun, and started gluing!
I liked the look of them all packed together on one side, but if you made a bunch of the rosettes, you could of course cover the entire wreath. 
Once I had all of them glued on, I took it directly to my front door and hung it.  I like it! 
Now I'm all set for Spring!  Just in time since flowers are on their way towards blooming here in South Carolina.  I wonder what Missouri will be like when we move next month?  Full of flowers or blankets of snow?  It's hard to predict weather in the Midwest!


  1. Gorgeous wreath! I agree, the rosettes can be slightly time consuming, but so worth it! I love the color combo you chose!

  2. That is indeedy a beautiful wreath! Love the colors, and I can see you doing one for Easter! Maybe some pastel colors, maybe some little eggs! So cute! Happy Birthday week!!!!!

  3. That came out beautifully- great colors! I'm a super Mad Men fan. It's the most addictive show but it feels like I've been waiting for eternity for the new season to start. You'll get caught up just in time :)

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