Tuesday, February 21, 2012

savannah: day one in collage

I really was going to cram our trip to Savannah into one post, but I'm not even CLOSE to being finished going through the pictures.  We took 800.  No joke.  So I'm going to split it between the couple of days we spent there so that you don't have to power scroll through one post.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast, but back in the carriage house, far from where the other guests might have heard children screaming/crying/yelling/laughing.  It worked out great except at breakfast when it was fairly apparent that children don't REALLY belong at a b&b.  Luckily the owner had two very sweet dogs that kept the littles occupied a bit.  And we just tried to feed them like dolphins coming out of the water as they ran past us to catch the dogs.  We also lucked out that the rest of the guests were a brassy bunch from Long Island that took it all in stride and humor.  Humor comes in handy when there is a child screaming next to you as you try and enjoy your eggs benedict.  Ah, the relaxation that is the b&b. 

Anyway.  Our first day there we took the trolley tour, and only got off at a couple of spots.  Outside venues seemed best with the littles in tow.  We first got off at the City Market.   
The littles got to try out a carriage and got to know Johnny Mercer a little.
We don't actually know the people there looking at the maps.  Brian thought it made a funny picture.  Everywhere you look in Savannah, the character of the city shines through.  It's a city with a lot of history, but it doesn't take itself too seriously.  It's like the free spirit younger sister of Charleston.  You know, the sister that's a little loose and drinks too much.
But wow.  The architecture is just stunningly beautiful.
The houses are amazing, and the churches are inspiring. 
And that gold dome up there?  Yep, real gold.  Swanky.  My wonderful, wonderful parents looked after the littles that night so that Brian and I could go out for drinks on River Street.  We got down to the river just in time to see the fireworks!
We met an Army buddy of Brian's and his girlfriend at an Irish pub right on the river. The musician was from Ireland.  He was a hilarious storyteller, and we all laughed until we cried.  It was so fun.  I may have enjoyed my freedom away from the littles a little TOO much, because I do believe I drank a wee bit too much.  And by a wee bit, I mean A LOT.  And by A LOT, I mean WAY TOO MUCH.  It was like college again, but without that handy tolerance that you build up.
Poor Brian will probably rethink offering to be the designated driver ever again. 

And that's our first full day in Savannah!  There will be more tomorrow...


  1. Looks like such a gorgeous city and how cool to see fireworks and get a night out. It's always painful when you decide to indulge too much on that one night of freedom... but somehow I think it's worth the pain :)

  2. It didn't seem worth the pain the next day, but it was still fun!

  3. I always LOVE looking at your vacation photos! You collage them just right. (Collage can be used as a verb, right?) ;)


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