Thursday, February 23, 2012

savannah: day two, finally!

When you go on vacation with littles, it is a completely different animal than when you go on vacation as a couple.  A few years ago, going to Savannah would have been a lot of museum tours, walking, hitting every cemetery, and late nights out to soak up the night life.  Well.  Let me tell you we did not step foot inside a cemetery (so sad).  And as for museums?  We found the train museum.  Does that count?  It sure does in Fletcher and Rowan's book.  Fletcher has carefully cultivated his own passion for trains in his 3 1/2 short years, and now Rowan has come aboard (oh my, sorry for the bad pun).  So when Fletcher spotted the trains, parked there like big iron and steel sirens, we knew where we'd be spending half a day. 
The littles were in HEAVEN.  Fletcher ran from train to train while Rowan toddled along quietly murmuring, "choo-choo, woo-woo."  How can you say no to such pure happiness?
We took a train ride, and Fletcher and I got a very special treat, indeed!  We got to ride in the CAB OF THE TRAIN!  Wow, Fletcher was in awe.  He barely spoke to the engineer because he just sat there, mouth open, sparkling with joy.
And although Brian and Rowan rode in the car behind us, they were just as happy to be riding a train.
Well, Rowan WAS happy until she saw mama up at front.  Then she was all, WTF?  Why am I back HERE???  She cried.  She cried much.  I told Brian afterwards that he should have ridden up front so he could have asked the engineer proper questions.  I was stuck saying inane things like, "Wow.  That whistle sure is loud, huh?"  Yeah.  I don't exactly have the same passion for trains as the rest of my little family. 

After the train ride, we checked out the historical train yard and sheds.  It WAS pretty amazing, even to me, the non-passionate one.
Fletcher: playing with a small train while looking at the big trains.  This is his heaven, trust me. 

We dodged a few raindrops and headed down to the river to meet my parents for a late lunch.  We found a lovely patio table where we watched the ships pass through and ate fried pickles.  Now fried pickles are something I can become PASSIONATE about.  Wow.  How am I just experiencing these right before leaving the south?
As we ran into naptime, Rowan became very unhappy, i.e. screamy and irrational.  So my parents took the littles over to a beautiful fountain and taught them to throw in coins to make a wish.  Fletcher made about 15 wishes.  Rowan made about 25.  Brian had to go change out a dollar to keep everyone happy for just a few minutes more.
When our last penny was gone (literally) we said goodbye to Gigi and Bop and packed up.  As we drove out of Savannah, my very wonderful husband agreed to stop at the Thunderbird Inn for some pictures.  It is a really cool little hotel that has been lovingly preserved from the 60's.  Unfortunately, it was full when we tried to book it. 
Brian charmed a couple maids into letting me see into one of the rooms.  He's a charmer, that one! 

It was a quick trip, but I really enjoyed Savannah.  I can't wait to go back when the kiddos are older, or maybe just alone with Brian to see it in more depth.  But for now we'll be taking road trips in the Midwest area when we move to Missouri next month. 
Not to mention the very very long road trip just to get there!


  1. Aw it looks like they had a BALL at the train station/museum! That might be their takeaway moment from the entire trip. :)

    1. No doubt about that!! Fletcher is STILL talking about it.

  2. Looks like so much fun- trips with kids do seem to be more fun as a memory than in the moment though :) Great pictures!

    1. Thanks! So true about the trips being more fun in memory...

  3. That is an AWESOME mini-vacation! Even just those weekend trips count so much and you guys are the cutest postcard family! Good to see a shot of my second parents!! xo

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and saw that you guys are stationed in SC. Have you enjoyed your time there? My husband is Army as well and we're originally from SC!

    1. Yes, we've really enjoyed our short time in SC! It's a beautiful state. We're moving on to Missouri next month, so that will be a really big change. Thanks for reading :)


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