Thursday, February 9, 2012

barrettes, bubbles & beauty

Just a few pictures from the past week in our neck of the warm woods.  
Looking in on Fletcher.  I ran out to get this sunset picture, while Fletcher was behind me making funny faces through the window.  He can spot an opportunity to make a moment more awesome.
And I got Rowan to actually wear a barrette in her hair for 15.5 minutes.  It was glorious while it lasted!
Brian and Fletcher brought home lilies for mama.  Fletcher said he got yellow because "yellow is everyone's favorite color."  How smart!  And he's pretty much right.  I LOVE yellow!
And the littles have been OBSESSED with blowing bubbles lately.  Blame the unseasonably warm temperatures, I guess!
And that is what's been going on around here.  The beauty in the mundane can be stunning if you let it.

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  1. Those bubble pics are too cute! Love the light.

  2. Great shots!

    I have to skip you capture challenge this week - my computer is warning about Beth's blog. :( So sad!

  3. I agree with Fletcher's stance on yellow! ;) Gorgeous pics and I love Rowan's barrette!!!

  4. Great shots! The barrette picture is adorable!

  5. I love these pictures and that Fletcher like my Dad's favorite color!

  6. What a stunning sunset capture - those lines of colour! And your second last photo is one of those melting heart ones.

  7. love the beautiful in the mundane, thanks for sharing...

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