Tuesday, August 7, 2012

bleary tuesday

I have three best friends.  We've been best friends since we were very young.  Around preschool- elementary school young.  And they are each wonderful and we are like family, and visit each other like family.  Which is what we did to my friend, Tara, and her family in Tulsa over our long weekend.  And we had FUN.  So much fun that we stayed up way too late every night, and had children that woke up early, and now I'm so tired I can barely see straight.  So I have to catch up today, and give you more pictures and stories about it tomorrow. 

Do you stay up too late when you visit friends and family, reverting to teenage hours?  Or do you go to sleep like a responsible adult?


  1. I wish I'd stayed closer with my childhood best friend, most of my friends are from college or more recent... it's very special to have someone that's been there your whole life. And yes, staying up late is mandatory! Get some rest if you can and looking forward to seeing the fun :)

  2. I'm a night owl anyway, so late nights are no problem!

  3. Oh, I would definitely stay up late and suffer later. As a parent, you don't always get many opportunities to share time with friends.

  4. Ah, I think a late night with friends (especially the variety you don't see all that often) is totally worth staying up late for. It seems that you must pay double for those nights later, but luckily they're worth it. ;) Rest up!!


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