Wednesday, August 15, 2012

first day

So far, so good.  The first day went so well, Fletcher was disappointed when I came to pick him up!  I guess that's a success, right? 

We got a couple of criticisms from the teacher, though.  First, he's not great at cutting.  Uh, that is because I don't let him near scissors, lady!!  Is this something he should have mastered by now, and I have now stunted his cutting growth?  I have let him use plastic scissors on play dough, and I think that's just fine.  I'm not looking for fewer digits or shorn curly locks around here.  As you can see, he still has all 10 fingers (as does Rowan) and we wait until the very. last. moment. to cut his hair when he is in need. 

Second, teacher told me that he's not that great at picking up the toys.  TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW.  The boy can take 10 minutes shelving ONE book.  No joke.  So I made him pick up all the toys before bed instead of just the few he usually does.  So there you go, teach.  I'm ON IT.

And lastly, he doesn't focus very well.  Also, something I already know.  But in his defense, it WAS the first day of school for him.  In a new place with new toys and new boys and girls.  I'm not too worried about that one. 

All in all, we survived.  Rowan was beside herself when she couldn't stay too.  After Fletcher told me goodbye, Rowan waved and also cheerfully chirped, "Bye, mama!"  Guess I won't have to worry about seperation anxiety with that one, either. 

Oh, and about Fletcher wanting to be a Papa when he grows up.  He specified he wanted to be a Papa that stayed home and didn't work.  I told him he still would have to work, it would just be work like laundry, dishes, and cooking.  He said he wanted to be a stay at home Papa that didn't know how to do anything.  Ha!  I shortened it for the picture. 


  1. LOLOLOL to his future career!!!!

    And seriously, Preschool Teacher? Girl's got some high standards. Sam has plastic scissors in his "doctor kit" but when I hand them to him, he immediately opens them up and puts the "blade" side to his chest. Kinda like he's trying to cut himself open. Soooo, um, no scissors here either. Not for a WHILE.

    Yay for Fletcher! And Rowan is hilarious, trying to stay with him. ;)

  2. Yay- glad it went so well! I had no idea you'd be getting a full review on the very first day. Wowthat's a very proactive preschool you've got there. I actually still have my 'report card' from preschool and it says I'm very nurturing with the other kid's but I won't pitch in at clean up time so I guess I'm with Fletcher :)

  3. I want the same thing he wants! ;)

    I'm so glad he enjoyed his first day, and the rest I wouldn't worry about. I think day one is rather early for that type of feedback. They should really give the guy a break. Some people spend the first day crying. :)

  4. Yay!! How exciting! You are bang on with the scissors-- I let my two youngest play with the blunted preschool sorts to cut paper & in the 2 seconds I turned my back on them Thing 2 ended up giving Thing 3 a haircut. In his defense, Thing 3 demanded he do it...sigh. Congrats to both student & Mama for making it through the first of many first days of school!

  5. Yay, Fletcher! I agree with all the previous commenters. If this were his LAST day of Preschool and he couldn't handle scissors... Congrats to you too, mama, for making it through the day!

  6. They say that the first day? Really?! Seems weird to me to point those things out before the kids have had time to settle in.

  7. Love this! A papa who stays home and doesn't know how to do anything - hahaha! We don't use scissors either and I'm really surprised they gave you a "report" on the first day. He'll settle in quickly, I'm sure.

  8. Oh my goodness he is so cute I can't stand it! Good luck at school, little buddy!


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