Friday, August 17, 2012

cool morning

It is cold this morning.  Cooooolllld.  Like in the low 60's.  Which is not actually cold, but after weeks and weeks of 100+ temperatures, the 60's feels very chilly.  And tonight they say it will get into the 50's.  The 50's!!  I tell you, I may have to break out the flannel jammies.  This whole week has been mostly cloudy and a lot cooler than usual, so I've been enjoying it.  Thinking of pumpkin spice lattes.  Thinking of bonfires and chili.  There is Halloween all over my Pinterest feed.  And school has started!  Yep, I've got fall on the brain.  Sorry summer lovers, but I'm ready for fall. 

It's pretty apparent that going back to school has pretty much taken over my brain this week, as you can tell by my blog posts.  It is very strange that it is my child going to school, and not me.  At what age do you stop feeling like you are forgetting something when you don't go back to school?  Just wondering.  I still have dreams about school.  Forgetting to go to a class all semester and then I have a final that I have to Ace to pass the class.  You know, school brand anxiety dreams mixed into my usual brand of anxiety dreams. 

Now excuse me while I go grab a blanket and sip coffee on our back deck before both the kiddos are awake.  And before it warms up to 80.


  1. Great pictures... ugh can't believe summer is over! I do love fall but now with Wyatt it's so nice to be able to be outside all day. Oh well, it's been a good summer :)

  2. I'm right there with ya girl. Bring on the cooler temps! It was projected to be 58 (the low) here one night and I almost died of happiness.

  3. Looks like our blog posts are in opposition today. You wanting fall. Me holding onto summer. ;) I also love fall and sweaters and fires in the fireplace and autumn leaves, but winter follows and it is LONG here! I know what you mean about school and feeling like you are supposed to be going back. Maybe the feeling never goes away.


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