Friday, August 24, 2012

Fletcher scissorhands

I want to say thanks to everyone who commented on Fletcher's first day at preschool.  Especially about the scissors.  I'm glad I'm not the only mama out there that doesn't just hand over a pair at birth. 

It is, however, becoming apparent to me that Fletcher's teacher is OBSESSED with scissors.  She gives me an update on his scissor usage daily, and frequently comments on him working on it at home.  She even brought out a pair of scissors that are designed for little hands, suggesting I go buy them.  She announced recently that he is finally starting to get it.  On the 2nd week of school, finally!  Ok.  Lady.  HOW IS EVERYTHING ELSE?  Maybe I am some kind of delinquent mother, but I could give a crap on how he is CUTTING.  How about writing his LETTERS???  How about learning to recognize WORDS?  Or more importantly for his age, how is he interacting with the other children?  Is he kind to them?  Does he share?  DOES HE PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS?  These are the things that concern me at his age. 

So please, lady, PLEASE.  Lay off the scissor updates.


  1. Wow! She is a focused lady. Kind of strange. Have you tried re-directing her? Like maybe, "How is he doing overall, use of scissors aside?" Don't worry, though, this, like any phase, will soon pass! :)

  2. Hahahaha JoKnows knows her stuff! Good one! Also, I was thinking maybe he is so stellar at everything else that scissors, though lame, are his only "ordinary" trait? Eh? Like when they ask you in a job interview what you are weakest at and you say something like, "I have high expectations for results so instead of directing others to a task, I tend to want to complete them on my own". Because you have to find fault in perfection? Maybe her own child has a scissors deficiency so she takes it out on others?

  3. You're exactly right, Ruthie. Don't worry about it at all! As I former teacher, my thought is that you concentrate on the big things, and the small stuff will fall into place. There is plenty of time to learn how to cut, measure, needlepoint, crochet, etc. And knowing his Mama, Fletcher will be doing all the craftwork imaginable before long. You're smart to focus on the bigger picture: socialization, cooperation, sharing, and learning. When I need paper snowflakes for window decorations this Christmas, I'll call on Fletcher--he'll be a pro by then.

  4. I find this really odd! Who cares about scissor usage, isn't there something else (something safer) that can test fine motor skills. I'm pretty decent with scissors, maybe I should hire out my services as a scissor tutor to struggling preschoolers ;) I definately wouldn't take it very seriously, I'm sure with this woman teaching him he'll be a scissor wiz in no time.

  5. Mwahaha - she must have some interesting issues, DO update! :-)

  6. Huh...wonder if their is a state mandated scissor test tied to her salary lol?

  7. OMG! YES! SEbastian's PRESCHOOL that he started at age three was so hyped up about this same thing. AT AGE THREE! It's like I'd ruined his life already and didn't even know it because he couldn't work such a vital tool! It's why I started letting Ruby have a pair of scissors to gnaw on when she started teething because I wanted her to get a head start. ;) No really, it's so funny what some teachers get hung up about. I loved the things you presented as being more concerned about because those were mine as well. A mama's heart wonders more about those things.

    Sebastian has already been signed up by his teacher to attend tutoring to work on his handwriting. I was kind of bummed before I knew what it was for but handwriting seems less of a concern than math or reading so we've been working on it every day after school. One of the things I am thankful for is S having a male teacher this year. I think he'll be more chill than some of the female teachers he's had about things like those damn scissors. ;)

    Good work, Fletcher!


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