Monday, August 27, 2012

the weekend, from my phone

peaches from the neighbor's tree/Fletcher + Nutella = love/to ombre or not: Rowan's "new" thrifted dresser/snuggling with a book on a rainy day/fondue date night at home- after kids are in bed/practicing the smooth art of shaving

Hi friends.  Here is a blogger's way of "phoning it in."  We raid our phone for pictures we have taken so that we don't have to upload camera pics and then edit them because we just had a busy weekend and it's Monday morning which means we are just trying to wake up, really.  Phew!  Perfectly constructed sentence there.  Anyway.  We had a fun weekend, got a few little projects done around the house, found a new State Park to enjoy, and ate some of our favorite foods.  Melted cheese is pretty much my #1. 

And now I need some help from you.  I posted that picture of Rowan's dresser on instagram, asking if I should ombre or not.  So far everyone says yes, but I'd like some more opinions, please!  I just cannot decide!  I like the white, which is just a bit worn- how I like it- with a hint of turquoise peeking through.  But I do like the ombre dresser trend I've seen floating around pinterest.  You can see the colors I'd use (the lighter side of the samples). 

Thanks in advance!  This is what I love about blogging.  I can ask everyone for opinions about the important things in life.


  1. I love the colors for the dresser! Because of the way you arranged the samples, I think it would look really pretty to just do the dresser drawer fronts but paint each one a different shade. light/lightest at the top, ending with a dark shade. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  2. I like the color idea also. And if you leave the sides and top the white with the teal sticking through, that would accent nicely with the peachy pink colors. Good find!

  3. It looks great either way but I stand by my vote to ombré, just seems like it would be a fun project!

  4. Haha - love the pic when they are shaving! :-)

  5. Awesome dresser! I haven't seen this ombré dresser trend. I better get on Pinterest ASAP! :) So would you do every drawer a different color? I think it sounds really pretty! Great find!

  6. LOVE that dresser! Also the curtain next to it.
    Maybe instead of doing the Ombre look you can maybe paint the dresser drawers the same pink and keep the outside part of the dresser all white. Im wondering if you do the ombre look if it would look to noisy around that curtain (to many different colors) you know what I mean? I bet what ever you choose its going to look fantastic :-)

  7. Lovely.

    Your little guy is so cute! And he shaves already!?
    Haha Cute.

  8. That's cute. Phone photos are sometimes the best at catching the sweetest things!
    Those paint swatches look so much like the color we just painted our son's room!

  9. Can we talk about Rowan's curtains first? Girl, if you ever change those up I will pay you good money for them. They are beautiful!

    I think one of my favorite decorating habits is using different tones of the same color in a space so I think ombre is a great idea if you're already leaning that direction. I've thought about this same thing but in blues or yellows for Sebastian and Ruby's shared dresser in a similar style. Since it's already painted I'd feel less guilty about trying something and then changing my mind if I didn't like how it turned out (for your dresser). Maybe you can get those really small paint samples so you don't have to invest a lot into it just in case?

    Either way I know it's going to end up looking great. You've got a great sense of color and style, lady!


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