Wednesday, August 8, 2012

friends, princesses and a doggie

I'm getting my blog up and running late this morning because poor little Rowan came down with a bug.  Which means she was up all night.  And in need of multiple bed and pajama changes.  So this mama is TIRED.  And I'm moving in slow motion.  But it was fun going through all my pictures from over the weekend and remembering all the fun we had!  The littles just loved playing with our friends, and we all had the best time.  There was a lot of play, talk, wine, and good food.  Which is pretty much the perfect combination for a great weekend.  Tara and Glenn's 5(!) kiddos are sweet and kept our littles so entertained.  As you can see!
The grownups had a bit of fun, too!  Making chalk masterpieces and rescuing toys from the roof.
And Rowan was especially in heaven because they have a sweet old dog, Sadie, to snuggle.
We left all seven of the kids with a babysitter and the babysitter's older daughters Saturday night and the grownups got a night out!  Another perfect part of the weekend.  I somehow managed to not get any pictures of Tara and Glenn's older boys- but they were around, too!  They even helped set up an elaborate train track that kept Fletcher extremely happy all weekend. 
We had the best time!  And even thought Tulsa is only a 4 hour drive away, I wish it were a 4 minute drive so we could do it all the time.  Thanks for the great weekend, guys!


  1. How fun {& so good that the kids weren't the only ones having a party!}
    Hope Rowan gets to feeling better {& that you are able to grab a nap & a good night's sleep!}

  2. Oh, that looks like the best time! So happy for you guys! xo

  3. I hope she recover fast - lovely pics!

  4. Love those princesses- how fun. Fast recovery to you guys... we just went through this and it's the worst.

  5. A tear trickled down my cheek. Beautfiul children, happy days. What more would we ask for? My grandson whom I often blog about, his name is Rowan after me of course!

  6. Super great pictures! He daughter looks just like her and everything is beautiful! You guys! The house! The yard! The kids playing together! The dog! But I think I am with everyone else here - those princesses are pretty flipping cute! Hope everyone gets back to feeling well quickly!

  7. It is so good to see the pictures of everyone. How all the kids have grown. Such darling princesses. Love ya.


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