Thursday, August 16, 2012

left behind

I thought that the one with biggest adjustment to Fletcher going to preschool here would be Fletcher!  But he's as happy as a clam, while Rowan is having a tough time without her sibling here to bug.  She demands to stay at school when we drop him off, and then once we are home, she continually asks Fletcher's whereabouts.  In case they changed in the last 5 minutes.  And although she will be napping for most of Fletcher's time at school, the time she is awake is going to be rough if I don't come up with fun special projects for her.  Yesterday I broke out some dot paints that Rowan had gotten from my brother's family for her birthday.  They were a big hit, and kept her attention for a nice long time!
We did a little leaf rubbing, too.  And played in the fort we had built earlier in the week.  Now I just have to find a fun project for today!  And tomorrow.  And next week.  Oh boy.  It's going to be a long year!

What do you do (or what did you do) to keep the left behind littles busy?


  1. Awww...I do think it's hard on the kiddos still home. They're not used to being alone, but she'll get used to. Surely you won't have to build epic forts EVERY week! ;)

  2. So sweet that she misses her big bro :) Keeping bust is a giant challenge, especially when it isn't nice out. I'm already wondering what we're going to get into for this winter.

  3. My gosh, Ruthie! Rowan looks so much like Brian in that 2nd photo! Wow!!!! She is his mini-me for sure. I bet she will look like you as she gets older. She is a STUNNER! I really like Fort Covert too!

  4. My kids are just so happy to get away from each other. We enjoy relative peace if we are left with one, rather than two. They don't admit any affection for each other. So, consider yourself lucky! :) I remember using those bingo dabber paints. Lots of fun.


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