Monday, August 20, 2012


There was initially some uncertainty to whether Brian would be home over the weekend or not.  Unfortunately, uncertainty is just part of the job when you are in the Army.  Plans, events, and life can change on a dime.  And the planner in me just cringes and tries to go along for the ride.  But we were so happy to have Papa home with us over the weekend, especially since he had mostly gotten home after bedtimes during the week. 

We took advantage of having Papa around.  We lounged in pajamas a bit longer.  We waited around the kitchen table for a big stack of his famous pancakes.  I drank Brian's french press coffee, and we all woke up in our own time.
Some of us wake up a little faster around here.
We took the kids out to hibachi one night.  It was a disaster/success.  Rowan screamed from the moment the chef started throwing knives around until the moment he delivered food to her plate.  Fletcher cheered, clapped, gamely caught food in his mouth, and ate like a champ.  Once the chef was gone and she had food on her plate, Rowan calmed down and ate. 

We went to the farmer's market and got lots of good stuff to eat.  The littles love all the taste tests that are offered to them.
Brian loves to stop and chat with every farmer/craftsman.  Which always ends up in some purchase.  And I love watching them all enjoy themselves.

But perhaps one of the best parts of the weekend was an hour and a half drive to the nearest city.  All by myself!  Both ways!  I did some fall shopping for the littles, bought tons of new shoes for their growing feet, and reveled in walking up and down every aisle in Target.  Yes, every aisle.  It took a while.  I visited a couple other stores, and then sat in Barnes and Nobles with a coffee and flipped through magazines.  It was heaven. 

And then yesterday I got a couple of projects finished, made a new recipe, and felt like I accomplished something, finally!  It was a perfect weekend!  What does your perfect weekend look like?


  1. The dress Rowan is wearing at the market is too adorable. Is it one of yours?

  2. Oh wow, that last bit sounds like bliss!

  3. Rowan looks like a real little girl these days, so big! She's adorable. Coming off of a long weekend of traveling (which was super fun) I kind of envy your low key weekend 'cause I'm exhausted! Worth it though, my perfect formula is two weekend full of adventure and travel and two full of rest and relaxation per month! Oh and I really want to do some solo shopping, that sounds like heaven.

  4. The kids are gorgeous and it sounds like a lovely weekend. Your shopping trip (by yourself) sounds nice. We moms need those peaceful times now and then, don't we?

  5. I'm so impressed that you can have a family dinner out at a restaurant. I think we usually look like our own hibachi chefs because we're the ones doing all the throwing of food and utensils!

  6. I'm taking some cues from your seasoned military wife attitude! I wrote a whole post about the last two weeks of war simulation and how hard it's been without any family time and how unexpected it was to suddenly not see Brett at all and think he was home for an afternoon and then have him get called back and be sick and still in charge and have my own deadlines getting pushed back with a big project and not sleeping well because the kids have been up in the night and having to do back-to-school without him except for a photo opp before he went to sleep and feeling like a zombie because I didn't know to plan around this, etc. but then erased it because even though I felt that way I didn't want to share it all and sound complainy and ungrateful that I EVEN HAVE A HUSBAND to miss. Hehe.
    I'm still trying to find my 'yeah, we signed up for this and it's hard but we have perspective' army wife voice. A way to talk about how things really are without the tone I'd use with my closest friends.
    I think you do this so gracefully. Also, I'm thankful to have you as a friend!

  7. Your kids are getting big!
    They are so cute!!


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