Tuesday, May 3, 2011

8 years!

Though your socks don't smell sweet
(I won't mention your feet)
And you're not the cleanest of men,
You use up the hot water
And drink more than you outta,
I'd marry you all over again.

I love you, B!  xoxo

{May 3, 2003}


  1. The boy in that picture has a big stupid grin on his face because a HOT HOT HOT girl just married him in spite of the fact that he was dressed like a bellhop. I love you my HOT MAMA! I have had more fun in the last eight years than the all my others combined!
    Love your bellhop.

  2. He had all the courage
    to ask for her hand,
    She had the dreams of the day
    all but planned.
    With one hope and two hearts
    they set sail together,
    She said, "I'll love you,"
    and he said, "forever."
    They danced the whole night
    while Sinatra did croon,
    Breathtakingly gorgeous,
    they "flew to the moon."
    The piano man advised them
    to live it up right,
    enjoy every minute of
    this heavenly night.

    The adventure's still unfolding
    Eight years in the making,
    And two beautiful children
    now bless their each waking.
    As a witness to this union,
    I've watched their bond grow.
    The effects on other hearts,
    the two may not know;
    but a love everlasting
    plays a song from inside
    whose echo may be heard
    from the highest mountainside.
    And so as you celebrate
    each other today,
    know that you've touched
    many hearts along the way.

    I love you both so much!
    You two truly are so special to me!
    Love, Karen
    May 3, 2011

  3. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples! (and all that Kar said too)


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