Friday, May 20, 2011

friday facts: memorial day and other military related stuff

I know this is a week or so early.  But I have it on my mind.  So it must come out, right?  Otherwise it may leave my mind and I will totally forget what I was going to say.  This is a real thing with me, especially since becoming a mama. 

Memorial Day meant just about nothing to me before marrying Brian.  I pretty much went blithely along, cooking out, drinking, celebrating an extra day off without much thought to why I was celebrating.  Now I do the exact same thing.  Except now it MEANS something to me.  You will never know how much of a soldier's life goes into being a soldier until you are either:
a) one yourself
b) married to one

And unfortunately, it means even more having known men who were killed in action.  But we remember them.  Always.  And I want to remember.  I want to remember and thank ALL that have served.  My Grandfather served.  I have uncles who have served.  But until I was married to one who served, I never knew what they give.  And they give everything.  So whether you have served for 3 or 30 years, I thank you for your service. 

I did not realize when I married Brian that I would be marrying the military, too.  And there is good and bad in that.  One of the good is the tight bond you form with other families.  I have seen military families rally around each other in the best and worst of times.  I have no doubt in my mind that if I needed anything, I could count on one of the other Army wives to deliver.  No doubt.  And I'm including those who have gotten out of the Army.  You really can't get away just because your spouse leaves the military.  We're all stuck with each other! 

Brian is on his 3rd go around in the Army.  He can't stay away.  So we're a military family, and this time for good.  Or until he retires.  But even then, we'll still be a military family.  You really never stop. 

If you know someone who has served, or is currently serving, be sure to thank them.  And of course, remember those who have given their lives for our country.  Say a prayer in remembrance.  Set an extra place at your table in remembrance.  Hang up your flag.  Post pictures of your loved ones in uniform.

ESPECIALLY if your loved one is wearing a dickey in said photo.  Cause dickeys are funny- double funny when added to a military uniform.  This is Brian joining the Field Artillery.  Fresh out of OCS (Officer Candidate School).  Thank you for your service, Brian!

And now, I have news.  We are going to be headed to South Carolina!  We don't know the when yet, and we will probably be there around a year or less.  Brian will be training there before we head off to other places unknown.  But at least we know our layover!  Stay tuned for when we'll be leaving Chicagoland.  I'll miss ya'll.  No, scratch that.  I just can't do it.  No ya'll.  I'll miss yous guys.  There, I feel better now.

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  1. Thank you to Brian and all the service men and women who so bravely and proudly offer their lives for the protection of all of ours. I am proud to be an American because we have the BEST people leading us and keeping us safe. Thank you Captain Covert for making not only your small family proud, but many many other families too. We are honored to say we know you and we will ALWAYS support you.


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