Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

MAJ William Hecker
CPT Christopher Petty
SFC Stephen J. White
SGT Johnny J. Peralez, Jr.
PVT Robbie M. Mariano
Thank you.  Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.  Your family's sacrifice will never be forgotten.

And although this is Memorial Day, in which we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, I find it a perfect time to thank those who have served or are currently serving. 

My Grandfather, Paul Rider.  Thank you.

To my uncles, Bob Rider, Fred Rider, and Rick Rider, thank you.

To all our friends who have served or currently serve, thank you.  Especially you.  Yes, I'm talking to you.

To my husband, thank you.  Thank you for enlisting twenty years ago.  And then going back and subjecting yourself to it all over again as an officer.  You rock.

On Memorial Day, don't forget to remember those who gave everything for our country.  And if you feel like it, you can thank a veteran or a soldier, too.

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  1. These photos are incredible! The pride you must feel! Your grandfather is so handsome and of course so is your husband.


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