Friday, May 13, 2011

friday facts: it's a birthday!

Well, yesterday was a birthday, but we're actually celebrating tomorrow with a party!  And of course what started out as a small party has kind of spiralled out of control.  Because that's what I do.  I invite everyone.  If you are reading this and I didn't invite you, I'm sorry.  I should have.  Maybe I thought you were too far away or something.  Or maybe you need to shower more, who knows?

So happy birthday to my baby, Rowan! Sweet baby Rowan is now one year old as of yesterday. How did this happen to me? Is it time to have another baby? No, it is not. But I think I blinked sometime in the last year and now here we are. She crawls everywhere, climbs everything and is generally becoming a toddler before my very eyes. Boo! Where did my baby go?

I know.  She's so cute.  I took these ON her birthday, so she is exactly ONE year old in these pictures.  What is funny is that I never put her in this kind of a frilly thing, but how can you not put it on for pictures?  It was a pain to try and get her to keep on the headband, though.  I've had this tutu for about 6 months now, and it was the first time she wore it.  And probably the last.  It's not great for everyday wear, you know?

So now we are getting ready for a party!  For Fletcher's one year party I made and decorated these really cute monkey cupcakes.

But that was then.  And this is now.  So I decided to order cupcakes from this nice bakery in our town that I found online.  They had about 12 cupcake flavors including red velvet, zucchini (?) and banana (my favorite!).  And then they had 6 different icing options including strawberry, butter cream, and cream cheese.  Yum!  We studied the flavor lists and made our decision.  I headed for the bakery the very next day to find it OUT OF BUSINESS.  Shoot!  So I drove over to a little mom and pop bakery that I knew was in the next town.  Not out of business.  Yay!  I asked the older lady behind the counter what the flavors of cupcakes were.  She looked at me like I was insane and said:
"Uh, chocolate and white."
Me:  Oh.  Is the white vanilla flavored?
Her:  No.  It's white.  (Still looking at me like I'm crazy)  Oh and we have yellow. 
Me:  Yellow?  Is that one vanilla?
Her:  No.  It's yellow.
Me:  Okaaay...  What kind of icing flavors do you have?
Her:  (Now looking at me like I am certifiable) Uh, we have white.
Me:  Ok, white. 
Her:  Yep, white.
Me:  Ok, do you decorate the cupcakes?
Her:  Decorate?  Uh, we have sprinkles?
Me:  What the fuck old lady??? 

Just kidding.  I didn't say that last line, but all the rest is true.  And I may have thought the last line, but I'm not admitting anything.  This, I decided, was my penance for not making homemade cupcakes for my daughter.  I did order the cupcakes. Which made her finally look at me like I was a normal human.  I'll let you know how the chocolate and white cupcakes turn out! 

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  1. I Would have thought the same thing. Who knows how the cupcakes will turn out, but the party will be fun (yours always are) and the cupcake of honor, one year old sweet rowan, will be the highlight.


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