Wednesday, May 18, 2011

you capture: busy

Busy.  It's hard to capture busy.  Cause, well, I'm too busy to capture it!  I wondered if I should take pictures of my dishes in the sink, or mountains of laudry, but that all seemed too embarrassing and I obviously wasn't busy from it all if it was still just sitting there.  We did have had a busy week what with a party and cleaning up after the party.

{the morning after}

And when I tried to take pictures of the birthday girl, she was often too busy to sit still.  All of us picture taking mommies have to admit our number 1 impediment is all the moving around.  Sheesh, kids SIT still!!  It goes against a toddler's nature to sit still.

{so not interested in being cute for mama}

Ok, I guess there is one time we all stay pretty still.  And that's when we're being nosy neighbors and watching YOU.  Yes, YOU.  We're watching.

{neighborhood watch}
But don't be creeped out.  Please, carry on.


  1. And the dog's watching, too! Adorable. And did your little one have a birthday? Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Aw, I love the party decorations! And I DID take a photo of my embarrassing dishes :) I wish I had some other fun kind of busy, but I just don't. Gotta love being a mom!

  3. Nosey neighbors, that's great! It reminds me of my great grandma.She was always watching out the window to see what was going on.

  4. You must have some fascinating neighbors to get all of them to stand still for so long! ;)


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