Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you capture: motherhood

Well, not to beat a dead horse, but the theme at You Capture this week was also Motherhood.  It makes sense, it is the week after mother's day.  And we all have tons of pictures to share from our day!  I had a great mother's day.  Usually when I spend that day with my own mother or mother-in-law, I get outranked.  But this mother's day, my mom made the meals and I got to sit back and relax while she and my dad also played with my littles!  I did put in a lot of gardening and am now a nice glowy shade of bright red.  I'm usually vigilant to use sunblock on my ghostly skin, but I forgot.  Blame it on Motherhood! 

{Motherhood is cannons at a tea party}

{Motherhood is getting a tea set for your granddaughter, but playing with it with your grandson}

{Motherhood is cleaning up a mess after going to the bathroom by yourself}

{Motherhood is 2 generations of mamas}

{Motherhood is the ordinary every day}


  1. I remember those days when leaving the room for a minute resulted in lots to clean up! So cute. And I love the bath photo!

  2. Oh my, these are wonderful! YES to #3! And I LOVE your hair in #4- so cute!

  3. Too many times I've escaped to the bathroom alone only to return to a mess! The bathtub shot is precious - my favorite.

  4. The mother's day tea was the best. Thanks for the post and good memories. I had a wonderful Mother's day too. Love you & love those kids!

  5. Those are some excellent captures, Ruthie. Next thing you know, they'll need to make protective gear for Mrs. Potts. :)

    Bathtime pictures are always a hit too!

    But, wow, that one of you and your mom is beautiful. I love the shirt you are wearing, you are more pretty than the flowers in your background.:) Your mom looks beautiful too! I miss you guys!xo See you soon!

  6. Love that shot of you and your mom. And cannons at a tea party? Yes!


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