Friday, May 27, 2011

friday facts: time flies

Someone has pushed the fast forward button on my life.  I honestly sometimes forget that I'm in my 30s.  MY THIRTIES.  I was recently visiting my brother who somehow lost a year.  He seriously thought he was a year younger.  Like any thoughtful younger sister, I reminded him of his actual age (you're welcome, Paul).  But I understand how that happens.  I've been 29 for quite a few years now.

See these trees?  They are in my parent's back yard.  They were quite small when I was young.  See the one on the left?  We used to put Christmas lights on it.  Dad used to hold me up and I'd put on the star. 

Time flies.  Sometimes you have to reach out and yank time out of the air and hold on.  I do this with my children.  Memory snapshots.  I have a memory snapshot of holding Fletcher for the first time, and nursing him for the last time.  I have a memory snapshot of feeling Rowan's fuzzy back just a week after she was born.  I made one just the other day of the way Rowan's little butt looks naked.  I also made one recently when Fletcher said he did not want me to blow dry his hair after his bath because, "It's too windy!" 

Time flies.  I was just a child decorating a tree in the back yard.  Now I have my own children. 

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  1. This made me cry...
    You are such a great mom, R.


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