Monday, May 2, 2011

My opinion. Brought to you by those who protect my freedom.

I have to say I am beyond proud to be an Army wife today.  And I want to thank every single man and woman who has ever served our country for their hard work protecting our freedom.  I feel blessed to be an American, with all the good and the bad that can come with that.  It is not always easy to support everything our country does, but that does not make me any less proud.  This is a moment in history where it is easy to be proud.  THANK YOU, to ALL that serve.  You have a special place in heaven.

If you know someone who serves, be sure to thank them for their part in our country's success in continuing to fight the baddies.


  1. Amen!!! I am honored to know Brian among many of the countless other freedom protectors dutifully and proudly serving our wonderful country. Thank you times a million to them.

  2. Love the word "baddies," it reminds me of a young boy character in a great book I read, Little Bee."


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