Thursday, May 26, 2011

you capture: pretty

Well, I'm late late late in the day for this You Capture, but I'm sure no one will slap me on the hand.  Pretty sure.  Anyhoo, this is coming from a COMPLETE bias, but Rowan is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.  Sometimes I think that the stars aligned juuuuust right and she managed to get the combination of all of my and Brian's best features.  But it's that sweetness that shines through that makes her oh so pretty to me. 

Also pretty?  This view from my parent's deck.  They have a million other pretty views, too, but what's prettier than a gazebo nestled in the woods?

And my mom's plants to be put in.  She must put in a gazillion plants and flowers every year, and their place always looks AMAZING. 


  1. I love capturing the rare moments when little ones are quiet and still. So sweet! And your mom's backyard ... When can I visit??

  2. I love the gazebo!! Oh, the memories in that shelter...
    I have almost the same pic of Rowan. Love the memory of that moment. Thank you for sharing your work!


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