Wednesday, March 14, 2012

because the army said so

Hey moms.  Do you tell your kids "because I said so"?  It's ok, you can tell me.  I find myself saying it after Fletcher asks, "but whyyyy?" for the 40th time.  It's one of those cop-out phrases that just pops out of my mouth sometimes, and although I feel guilty when I say it, I know I will say it a million more times before Fletcher turns 18. 

And now I know how he feels.  I felt like whining, "but whyyyy???" when the army moved us from our lovely Chicago suburb to South Carolina.  I felt like whining, "but whyyyy???" when we found out the army was moving us from beautiful South Carolina to Missouri.  And now that we are here and going through the process of finding a house that doesn't seem to exist in this part of Missouri, I REALLY want to scream, "but WHYYYY????"  But I already know the answer.  Because the army said so.  And they put the food on our table, the roof over our heads, and the stuff from etsy in my mailbox, so I guess they're in charge.  And you learn quickly not to question the decisions handed down to you from the army, because there is NOTHING you can do about them. 

So we'll be here, living out of a hotel until we find the house that does not exist.  Asking "why?" in my head, but keeping up the happy for the littles.  And luckily?  They are happy just to hang out on a hotel balcony feeding Papa strawberries.
And a bowl of ice cream never hurt.


  1. I love that the Army supports Etsy. Around here, they are quite supportive of Target too. ;)

    I hope y'all find the perfect house very soon! The stress of living in a hotel with small people is crazypants.

    PS. I feel like all of my friends here are fixin' to PCS to Ft. Lostinthewoods. There are good people coming your way! I promise!

  2. You have a great attitude- I would find it really difficult not to have a say in where I live but I guess it's also a bit of an adventure! I know you'll find a cute little house soon. Hotels are no fun but at least you get your bed made and towels washed :)

  3. You can do it, you can do it! I'm sorry this is hard. You are doing a great job making it look like an adventure. and your babies are beautiful as always.

  4. Thanks for all the comment love and support, ladies. It's really appreciated!!


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