Wednesday, March 28, 2012

just when

Just when I think I can't possibly stand to unpack for one more minute.  Just when I think I will go insane because of sleepless nights and grumpy days from Rowan's teething.  Just when I think I am probably more grumpy than anyone else can bear.  Things get a little better.  I get in the rhythm of a new kitchen.  I notice that we have wisteria blooming in the yard.  A billion iris that will be blooming.  10 rose bushes that I might not kill.  Nieces distract adrift littles.  My sister-in-law takes everyone outside to blow bubbles.  My brother rakes out all the flowerbeds and then cooks and bakes like a mad man!  And I notice that Fletcher is happy.
I notice Rowan's antics trying to wear big brother's old rain boots that are way too small for him, but way too big for her.
And we all unwind and relax watching the littles become happy in their new home.
And a pizza party never hurts.  Especially homemade pizza with freshly homemade crust and homemade breadsticks made by my brother.


  1. I'm glad you're getting settled and have family there to help with the transition! Can't wait to see your new place all decorated. :)

  2. Happy Days! We made pizza last night too- those breadsticks are an excellent idea. So great that your family has been able to help you guys out. Hope the worst of the unpacking is behind you.

  3. I miss our hour-long phone chats about nothing. I have so much nothing to talk to you about!!! Glad you're getting settled. :)

  4. I'm so glad you're settling in. I'm jealous of all the fun ya'll are having. Keep up the good work (fun)! Love all of you!


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