Friday, March 16, 2012

hitting the wall

Hey!  Remember me?  I'm back to talk more about trying to find a house!  I just KNEW you'd be excited!  Ok, honestly, I'm just going to say a couple things on finding a house. 

1.  We haven't found "the one" yet.
2.  We're thisclose to settling for a house that isn't great.  Or good.  But just OK.
3.  We've hit the wall: where all the houses have run together, and we can't even remember which one was which.  Yes, we're hitting the wall.

I guess that was more than a couple of things.  But!  For your viewing pleasure, I have culled the depths of my cell phone for more travel pictures!

Can you believe that house?  It's a historic home that has been converted into a rest stop.  They have kept most of it authentic and give tours.  I don't know and don't remember where it was, but I do remember it was in Kentucky.  It was beautiful.  The littles laid down on the steps.  I guess all that sitting in the car demanding crackers and juice and books and songs really wears a person out.

The littles like their waffles when we're traveling, but they really like Cracker Barrel.  I used to be pretty snobby about Cracker Barrel until I had children.  And now I know better!  Fried stuff with cheese?  They got it!  Breakfast for dinner?  They got it!  Extra biscuits to go with your dumplins?  They got em!  A bunch of junk treasure to look at and keep the kids busy?  They got it!  We love Cracker Barrel now.  And Rowan ADORED the deer head that someone shot, stuffed, and mounted to the wall.  She'd look up from her meal, saying, "Hi DEER!!" oh so cheerfully.  And loudly.  And often.  It would have been even cuter if she hadn't been trying to hold a conversation with a dead animal head up on the wall, but who am I to quibble?  Whatever keeps the girl happy, I say.  Another one knocked outta the park, Cracker Barrel.

The totem pole and the concrete jungle yard are just a little taste of the local flavor in this part of Missouri.  It's an eclectic area, and once we find a home, I'm actually looking forward to checking out all the nooks and crannies.  Plus I have it on good authority that Missouri has some of the best thrifting you'll ever find!  I'm excited to check out some of the places that have been recommended.

Wow, I think I just ended yet another whoa is me post on a high note.  Yes!


  1. Sending you lots of good luck to find that perfect house! With all of your St. Patty's Day pride maybe the luck of the Irish will hit you. Looks like you're having fun anyway!

  2. Love the rest area! And the concrete jungle house... interesting... I'm hoping there are lots of good thrifting options at your new post! Here it is SUH-lim pickins for sure.

    You're not boring anyone with these house updates! Keep em coming! And I think you have earned something like 6,582 gold stars for staying in a hotel room with TWO CHILDREN for so many days. (That roughly converts into about a year's worth of fudge, or approximately 82 back rubs, in case you were wondering.)


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