Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the part where we traveled

Oh friends.  I like to keep this space a happy place to be, and I am going to really try and not drag you down on the sinking ship that is me right now.  But here are the facts of our current situation. 

1.  My mom and I left South Carolina with the littles one week ago yesterday.  Brian stayed behind to oversee the packing.
2.  We stayed in North Carolina, visiting family for two nights.  Brian was still in S.C.
3.  We traveled maybe 4 to 5 hours last Wednesday.  We stayed somewhere in Tennessee.  Brian was still in S.C.
4.  We traveled maybe 4 to 5 hours last Thursday.  We stayed somewhere in Illinois.  I think?  Brian was still in S.C.
5.  We traveled maybe 4 to 5 hours last Friday.  We stayed near St. Louis.  Brian started his journey that night, stopping somewhere in Tennessee, sleeping outside on the ground in the Smokey Mts.
6.  We did no traveling last Saturday.  We swam in the hotel pool, went to Target, played at a playground, and ate nachos and waffles.  Brian joined us in the afternoon (hooray!!!).
7.  We all traveled maybe 3 hours to our current destination yesterday.  We are here.  Here we are.  That is about as positive as I can keep all these facts. 
I wasn't going to mention it, but oh, what the hell.  There was A LOT of screaming and temper tantrums along the way.  But.  There was a lot of fun and silly moments, and there was a wonderful Grandma (my mom) that helped out more than I can say.  She's still here, helping out, watching the littles while Brian and I comb the area for a suitable house.  It's not going well, my friends.  But we will persevere.  We will settle if we must.  We will get out of a hotel at some point!!
Excuse the pictures.  They were all taken with my cell phone.  I could not be bothered with lugging out the Nikon.  No way. 

If my posts are few and far between, bear with me.  I'll be back at it soon!


  1. I hope that if you were in my part of TN (you know, the middle of nowhere part), that you would have hollered so I could hook you up with a decent meal and some space to kill toddler-energy. (They should seriously bottle that stuff up and sell it.)

    I'm glad y'all made it to your destination and hope that you find the perfect house SOON! Glad your mom is there helping, as that is ALWAYS a blessing and omg you are a stronger woman than me for doing all of that traveling with two little kiddos.

    And how do even your CELL PHONE pictures look so good?! Mine are total crap!

  2. Hang in there and good luck with the house search. I can't imagine how stressful that must be. You'll find something soon!


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