Friday, March 9, 2012

what i'm loving lately: this mascara

Ok, we're about to get a bit too close for comfort.  You've probably noticed I don't post many pictures of myself, mostly because I hold the camera, people!  I do!  And maybe just slightly because of girly vain critical stuff.  But.  I have to share this with you, vanity be damned.  You will thank me later. 

I am a bit of a mascara lover.  It has always been my favorite of all the make-up family, and I would forsake all other make-up for it.  If I had to.  We're talking desert island stuff.  No, that would be fresh water and Nutella.  Nevermind.  But I have tried preeetty much every kind out there- from cheapy drug store mascaras to expensive beauty counter brands.  I have ok lashes as far as length is concerned, but they are pretty wimpy in width.   So since I've tried everything, you can believe me when I tell you that this mascara is the BEST I've ever tried!
For the record:  L'Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes.  Nice short and sweet name, eh?  Anyway, I always like my mascara the blackiest black black that you can get since my eyelashes are somewhat blond.  What makes this mascara oh so awesome are the weird little fibers that attach to your lashes, making them look looooong and wiiiide.  When you pull the wand out, it looks a little strange, like you stuck your mascara wand in a pile of lint.  You can kinda see that here.
Do not try and wipe them off, they are your friends!  Ok, here we go, a little before and after action.
Um, sorry about looking up my nose.  Luckily, no boogies!  So are you convinced yet?  Well, then, let me just say that this was ONE coat.  You can really vamp it up if you're invested in doing multiple coats.  But I had one very patient husband taking pictures of my eyeballs while littles clung to our ankles, so time was of the essence here. 
Oh man.  Another up the nose shot.  Sorry!


  1. You are so pretty! And your lashes look great! I too, use L'Oreal mascara and sometimes (embarrassingly enough) it is the only bit of makeup I slap on during the day besides moisturizer. (Moisturizer totally counts as makeup right? I'm counting it because I keep it in my makeup bag.) ;)

  2. I second how pretty you are! You should put more pics of yourself- but I know it's also tough when you're the one behind the camera. Love those lashes- I am always afraid to wear it because I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes and my lashes are dark as is, but whenever I do I feel extra fancy. It's been a few years since I've updated (ick I know) so I'll make this my next mascara and maybe I'll even wear it a few times before it expires!

  3. Omg moment for sure! That is astounding! You have me sold! I needed a new mascara too, now I know which to try. I usually have the smaller sizes that come in free gift bags from estee lauder and clinique from a friend who buys waaay too much makeup and can't go through it all fast enough. Beautiful face!! Gorgeous woman, and Rowan is gonna be so thankful that she shares done of her momma's best traits!

  4. Thanks for the so sweet comments, ladies! I don't always wear mascara out and about, either, but I do love this mascara! Can take a bit of pracice, just to warn you.

  5. I do always use mascara if I leave the house and I´ve tried this, it´s one of the good ones. I like several of L'Oreals mascaras actually. :-)


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