Wednesday, March 21, 2012

home sweet home

Everything is blue skies around here!
Only took us 6 straight days of searching.  That's not actually that bad, considering it is a house we will have to live in for the next 2 years.  A drop in the bucket.  My little family hung in there like champions.  And all the prayers, positive energy, and support really helped us ALL.  So THANK YOU.  You are awesome.

And I know you're dying for a peek of the house that we took such care in choosing, and I won't disappoint you!  These are from my cell phone again, so I'm SORRY.  I keep leaving my camera at the hotel.
living room {the lamps?  I'm in love.}
the family room.  {wood burning stove AND parquet floors?  yes please!}
cute kitchen
Pocket doors are really pretty, no?  And I am so super excited about this next one, people.
This is a massive sun-room off the master bedroom.  Which is cool in itself, but it's going to be my studio!  And it is already a pretty yellow color, so I am double excited.  Now I have no excuses about spreading out and getting some painting, sketching, and embroidery done.  And of course my etsy shop stuff.  Ok, I have 2 excuses.  Fletcher and Rowan.  But I'll squeeze in some time here and there. 

This is a gem of a house, and I'll share more when things settle down.  I have no idea how this one fell into our laps, but we feel so blessed to have it!  Let me tell you, Brian has workshop space galore, so he's a happy camper, too.  Thank you again for all the love and support, your positive energy kept me going.


  1. Oh, Ruthie, I'm SOOO over the moon happy for you guys! Your house is so pretty and I know it's only going to be cuter once you've unpacked with your own furniture and decor. And that sunroom! And two fireplaces! Oh, it sounds like heaven. The wait is finally over and I know you guys are probably so relieved to have a place to land.

  2. Hurray! That place looks amazing and gigantic! Well worth the wait. Can't wait to see you guys settle in and make it extra cute. It must feel great to finally know where you'll be kicking off your shoes for the next couple years.

  3. This is just gorgeous! I think you found a tremendous place to call home for a couple years! I am so happy for you, this is like hitting the house jackpot. Great find, and I'll be visiting for sure!

  4. YAY!!!! As soon as I saw the title of this post, I was so excited to click over because YOU FOUND IT! Yes! And it's a beaut! Love love LOVE that yellow room. Omg. How perfect! Are y'all buying or renting? I can't remember if you mentioned that before or not. I'm so glad you now have somewhere to land (besides the hotel!!). :) Looking forward to seeing it all decorated Ruthie-style. ;)

  5. Looks really nice - congrats! Also a thanks for your sweet comment the other day! :-)

  6. Perfect, perfect house! So happy for you! And more than a little jealous. The fireplace? The stove? The floors? The sunroom? A lot jealous.


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