Friday, March 2, 2012

what i'm loving lately: yellow

I have become slightly obsessed with the color yellow.  I was never a huge fan before, so this is a new love affair.  I love it from a pale lemon all the way to a dusky gold.  With an emphasis on mustard. 
{birdy tablecloth: old dwellstudio; cardigan, tank, & bracelet: Target; shoes: converse hand painted- tutorial soon!; tulips: from the love of my life}

I've been wearing it A LOT lately, too, which I've never done before.  I thought as a lily-white person, yellow just wouldn't look so great.  But I've learned that I was wrong, wrong!  I just had to find the right shade for me.  The tank, cardigan and bracelet above just jumped into my cart all at once the last time I was at Target.  True story. 
{stained glass piece: hand-me-down vintage; lamp: old Target; wreath tutorial here; afghan: hand-me-down made by Brian's great-grandma}

I have yellow in lots of decorations around the house, and it's been growing a bit.  I love to find something yellow that will fit into our home.  It's like sunshine on the inside.  And it does tend to leak over into the little's toys and Rowan's wardrobe, too!
{motorcycle toy: (my own) vintage Fisher Price; barrette: hand-me-down from me to Rowan; print: Notre Dame football slogan; mod shapes: on B toy}

It catches my eye everywhere I go!  And when it's combined with turquoise and/or olive green?  It's pure gold for me. 

What has been your color crush lately?  Or are you true to the colors you've loved best since childhood?


  1. Ah yellow. It has been "my color" since childhood. So happy! I LOVE the stuff you got at Target. But that is why my husband rarely allows me to push the cart... Things magically find their way in there.. ;)

  2. I'm a yellow gal as well. It was my wedding color and I just love it. Red would be a close second when I'm feeling more daring!

  3. Ooh, yellow is so lovely! I have so many love affairs with different colors; it's hard to keep up, lol!! :)

  4. Well, I always have the same crush: turqouise. Can´t stop loving that color and it look so good combined with other colors! :-) Splashes of yellow are very nice. :-)

  5. I've been on the yellow/gray kick lately too! Was really wanting some fabric to add to my current quilt project only to find our local shop sold out :0( I love the little birdie fabric you posted!!


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