Tuesday, March 6, 2012

making the best of things

Man, I can't think of a good title for this blog post.  I thought about "turning lemons into frozen yogurt" but then you might think it was a recipe post for lemon frozen yogurt, and I don't know how to make that!  So I was afraid everyone would get all upset, leaving me irate comments on how they found my blog looking for a lemon frozen yogurt recipe and here there was none to be found, just more pictures of some kids, and who wants to see more pictures of kids anyway?  I've always had an active imagination.  It's much less fun as an adult, as you can see.

So here's the little story.  The other night Brian had what the Army calls a "social."  I call it forced fun, but that's just me.  This particular social wasn't really mandatory, and it was definitely not mandatory for me or the littles to participate.  It was just a little end of the course farewell.  But for some reason, Brian really wanted us to go.  So we all packed up and headed downtown for the social.  We found ourselves at a bar.  A big sports bar.  We've taken the littles to bars (with restaurants) before, but this one was in no way prepared for littles.  Not their fault, but they looked at us with our kiddos, and just didn't know what to do with us.  Milk?  Uh, we might have milk...

Anyway.  We were the ones with kids, so we ended up at a booth away from the main table where Brian's classmates chatted and laughed.  So we basically packed up the kiddos to take them to a bar with no other children in sight to sit alone at a table where we had to go into our "we are in public with our kids" mode, which involves a lot of "I spy" and snacks and drinks and pulling out the ipad and frantically just trying to keep the littles from a full on *FREAK* out.  Phew!  I'm aware that this post is packed with run-on sentences.

So long story short, we couldn't wait to get outta there.  And as we walked outside to the car, the seas parted and the littles became super shiny happy people that danced on the sidewalk to the music pumping out of the bar.  And it was sweet to see.
 The night was warm and sparkling with city lights and happy people staying out in the loveliness that is a city at night.  So we turned away from our car and walked where our feet decided to take us.  And our feet took us straight to TCBY. 
 And we were able to sit back and relax, because littles with frozen yogurt covered in m&ms and sprinkles are happy relaxed littles.
You have to make the best of everything with littles.  Grab onto the moment that they are happy and lovely little people. 
Because that can change quickly.  And because this part?  The part where they are so little?  It doesn't last long.


  1. They're so cute and happy with those piles of frozen yogurt and candy... and they earned it! It's so true that I find what used to be really fun can just be more of a hassle with littles and then things I never would have thought much about end up being special memories.

    We have Wyatt on such a schedule that he's always asleep by seven so we never get that fun night out with him which sometimes makes me sad... but then he sleeps so well compared to some other kids that I don't want to mess with it!

    1. We did very strict schedules with our first, and we still pretty much do. But we do have very occasional nights out and they do fine! Our #2 is easier to lug around than the first. But he's much easier now that he's older.

  2. Whose feet would NOT take them to TCBY?! Looks like y'all ended up having a fun night!! Great photos! :)

    PS. I totally agree with the "forced fun" aspect of the Army. Pass! ;)

    1. Thanks! The forced fun is the WORST!

  3. I love those nights when it starts out blecchy then turns into a smashing grand memory! Well played~*


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