Friday, May 11, 2012

2 years old

Tomorrow!  Already.  Rowan is turning 2.  I feel like she was *just* born.  I really do.  But here she is, walking, talking, and expressing her own opinions.  Loudly.  She is a tiny dynamo, and not a baby anymore at all. 
{Rowan Catherine 5/12/10}
She was all cheeks when she was born.  And the sweetest baby ever.  She still has her cheeks, and she can still be sweet.  When she wants to be!
Rowan can be so loving, and so challenging, all at once.  She's a blessing, but also a test in patience for this mama. 
You keep me on my toes, Rowan! 
She loves: pretty dresses, shoes, jewelry, fire trucks, legos, strawberries, cheese, music, dancing, singing, running, drawing, reading and playdough.
Rowan can: dance on Papa's toes, sing her alphabet (along with about a dozen other songs), count to 20, recognize many letters, take off her shoes, and climb higher than this mama wants. 
Adventure radiates from her pores.  She doesn't understand caution, or is just missing the genetic link for it.  Her smile is infectious, and she smiles readily at anyone.  She loves to meet new people, and will give them a big wave, a happy "hi!" or maybe even a kiss.  She prefers to be naked, but if she has to wear something, she likes to be wearing a skirt or dress.  And right after I put a skirt or dress on her, she will twirl around and say, "Superman!"  So it's hard to pinpoint if she likes dresses because she's girly, or because she pretends she has a cape.  She does prefer Batman, Superman, and Spiderman to any Disney princess. 
Rowan has no volume control, so everything comes out LOUDLY.  Currently, her favorite book is Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen.  Which makes this mama proud and happy.  She's a good sleeper, but not a great eater.  She adores AND infuriates her brother.
At bedtime, she will go tell Fletcher, "Night-night.  Sweet dreams.  I loooooove you!"  And then she insists on a kiss, whether he wants one or not.  She loves to cuddle, but on her terms.  And on her terms only.  She can be heard from her bed at night laughing and singing "What a Wonderful World," or "Fields of Athenry," or maybe "You are my Sunshine." 
She IS the sunshine in our lives, that can sometimes be covered by storm clouds.  She is passionate, and that can mean she butts heads with us.  I think she's awesome.  I think she's going to be even more awesome.  And I can't wait to see who she becomes, and what she accomplishes. 
I love you, Rowan.  You bring so much joy to our lives, and you are a beautiful little ball of dynamic energy.  Your sweetness and love is evident, and our lives have been beyond blessed by you.  xoxo, Mama


  1. So sweet, she's lovely! Happy birthday to her!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. She is adorable ans that smile is contagious. Your pictures are gorgeous as well! Hope she has a wonderful birthday and you a wonderful Mothers Day.

  3. I love how well you know your kids. I mean, we do spend a lot of time with them at home but sometimes it's easy to just categorize things in a cliche way instead of seeing their place in a child's life and personality. Also, I think Ruby and Rowan would be two peas in a pod if we lived close to each other. Trucks and skirts (only skirts) and superheroes over princesses. Our girls are so similar.

    I do have one question. We are JUST venturing into the world of pigtails and bought some Goody plastic hairbands yesterday but I can't for the life of me get them to stay in. I'm afraid of pulling too tight or maybe they're crap bands. What kind do you use for Rowan?

    Sending our hugs from colorado! Wishing we could have a coffee date!

  4. Happy Early Birthday to Rowan, too!!

  5. I love that she's a firecracker! You are an amazing mama...

  6. Happy Birthday Rowan! What a cutie pie... and I love hearing about all her little quirks. She was so sweet and chubby at birth too! W looked like a little old man :)

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your little girl. Gorgeous photos too (and gorgeous girl)! Love the little skirt too. Time goes by fast, for sure. My first one is almost 10 and I can't believe that!

  8. Beautiful Rowan! I'm glad you got the card and you like it. I love this picture essay and I can't wait to see you

  9. Happy birthday Rowan and CONGRATS to you Ruthie on raising such a sweet and wonderfully cute 2yo. I love that girl's fashion sense and her ability to tag along and be interested in whatever Fletcher's doing. I was no girly-girl growing up (thanks, 3 brothers), so I'm hoping I can raise Molly in a similar fashion too. :)

    And her card is too cute. I'm assuming your crafty self made that..

  10. How sweet & what a marvelous tribute! Happy Bday baby doll!

  11. She is such a little beauty!!

    HAPPY HAPPY (belated:/) BIRTHDAY, ROWAN! :)


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