Tuesday, May 15, 2012

night out

I am having a really really hard time finding a babysitter around here.  Which you would think is weird since we live in a college town.  But no.  We lucked out with a wonderful babysitter in South Carolina (hi, Allison!), and left behind our super Annie back in Illinois.  They were both amazing.  And I wish I could ship them to us. right. now.  So I haven't gotten much extra done for myself (meaning- no diy here lately) and Brian and I have not really gone out together except when family is visiting.  So we don't have much of a choice but make it family nights out when we feel like having a date. 

Our town just had a mini-festival in its downtown area last Friday evening, so we all packed up to join in the fun.  It wasn't much more than the shops having little open houses, but there was quite a few little bands playing live music on the sidewalks.  And there is nothing we enjoy more than a good dance party.  I swear, my littles hear music at the grocery store and start grooving.  Never mind that we were the ONLY ones dancing to the music, we had fun!  And I think we entertained quite a few people, too. 
I know.  The kid has moves you have NEVER seen!  I don't know where he learned his dance moves, but they are unique. 
We had a great time.  But when Rowan grabbed the sign pole to dance, we knew it was time to go. 
We don't want to encourage any sort of pole dancing.  So we went out for a quick bite at a local brewery, where the littles were frighteningly good.  I drank a beer that tasted like bananas.  It was weird, but tasty.  The littles ate well, and I was the only casualty of the evening with a Sprite poured all over my legs.  Nothing like a cold and sticky drink all over your lap to make you feel alive!  Wheee! 

And Brian and I picked up a belated anniversary present to ourselves.  We do traditional gifts, and the 9 year anniversary gift is pottery.  We had decided to pick out something together, and when I saw this owl, I knew I had to talk Brian into it.
He agreed.  And not even reluctantly!  There's a reason we're still married after 9 years. 


  1. Omg I love those pictures of Fletcher bustin' his moves. Too funny!!!

    We are having the very same babysitter dilemma right now. It's tough. I'm looking on (free for military!) because a good friend found her sitter on there. Here's to hoping we both find one soon!!

  2. We hardly ever have babysitters either since our family is far away and I don't know any teens in this city (all my friends kids are too young) - but sometimes our neighbours keep an eye on them and we can go and work out together, that's nice! And soon our rascals will be big enough to manage at least 3-4 hours on their own, just a year or two away. :-)

  3. Oh those moves are awesome! They look like they're having a great time.

    Finding a sitter is SO hard! It took me all of Andrew's first year to find one and now she's getting married and I'm afraid I'll lose her soon. :( A good sitter makes our lives much, much easier.

  4. Those dance moves are crazy impressive! What a fun night- and banana beer? I consider myself a but if a beer expert and that's one I've never sampled :)

  5. Haha! The pole!!!
    Fletcher looks so much like you in these photos. SO much. I love how much your kids enjoy shaking their booties. Mine can't stay still either if there's music playing!

  6. Adorable pictures! Love the owl! Good times. :)

  7. dance party is now on the agenda for our visit!


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