Wednesday, May 9, 2012

past in picture: march, 2004

In March 2004, we had been married shy of one year, and had spent 3 months of that year together.  It was Brian's first deployment to Iraq.  When he came home safely, it was like the rain stopped falling after a year long flood.  We reunited in a massive gymnasium with hundreds of other families and soldiers reuniting with their loved and missed ones.  The energy was electric, crackling, palpable.  They played Etta James, "At Last."


  1. Probably should have been a disclaimer about tears for that one! Love you both xoxo

  2. That is one day etched in my memory. I repeat my prayers of thanksgiving now as I remember saying them as you two ran at each other. It was a great day and has produced many more.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful moment. I always tear up when I see pictures like this and I've never actually known anyone in the military so it seems like a movie. I can't imagine having to be separated like that- such strength.

  4. Made me cry! I can't imagine what that was like being so new to each other and apart for that long. And Etta James? Oh, what an exciting, emotional day that must've been!!


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