Tuesday, May 1, 2012

not quite all here

I had a whirlwind trip back to my hometown over the weekend for a baby shower for a good friend, Karen.  Another good friend, Tara, and I drove 7 hours (well, first she drove 4.5 hours to get to me!) with 4 toddlers.  These are GOOD friends, people. 
{photo courtesy of Tara's phone- Fletcher is just barely peeking over}
It didn't go as badly as I thought it would.  We survived, the littles survived, and we all had a great weekend.  It was a short trip and I didn't get to see everyone back home, but I'll stay longer next time.  My littles brought home nice little souvenirs of their trip back home in the form of raging colds.  Fun!  Tara and I stayed up chatting last night (this morning?) until after 3 am.  We may have also used just a bit of wine to unwind.   It was my mantra when the kiddos were screaming in the car (wine, wine, wine.  um, ohmmmmm...)  And now it's all over so I'm a bit sad.  Tara left this morning heading home with her 2 littles to see her bigger 3 littles.  So I'll relive it all over again tomorrow and force you to see all my pictures!  You're welcome.


  1. Yay! Glad you had a good trip home, even though it was too short. Sorry to hear about the colds. Bleh. Can't wait for pictures though!

  2. Glad it worked smoothly - and fun with a late night chat! :-)

  3. Glad the trip went well - now stop teasing us and put up some more pictures!

  4. I am still spinning from the whirlwind. We almost have the house open and we cant wait to see ya'll again so we can visit.


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