Thursday, May 17, 2012

and there's more

More pictures of my children.  I'm so very sorry, but I can't NOT share pictures of Rowan's birthday celebrations.  Her grandmothers would be appalled.  APPALLED.  Plus I have not a one other picture to share with you, since as I explained in my last post, I have no babysitter here yet.  Hence I spend every. waking. hour. with my littles.  But!  I have condensed the insane amount of pictures into (mostly) collages for your viewing pleasure!  We (I) aim to please here at My Trash and Treasure.  Always thinking of our (my) lovely readers. 

Here we go.  This would be the present portion of Rowan's birthday celebration.  We love our Radio Flyer products around here.  And Dr. Seuss.  And bubbles.  And we apparently feel mediocre about Candy Land.  But we played anyway.
And here is the cake I did not bake from scratch, but very lovingly decorated myself.  It's a bit shaky, but hey, it's a flowering vine, so it kind of blends in.
And Rowan didn't seem to mind. 
After blowing out the candle, she'd say, "Again!" So we re-lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday about 3 times.  Anything for the birthday girl!

And the next day while she was still dressed up after church, I took the opportunity to do a little 2 year old photo shoot.
She was adorably herself in all the photos, including breaking out into a dance, and rolling around a bit in the grass.  But I think this one is my favorite!
{super cute vintage sailor dress nabbed at fuzzymama}

Thanks for hanging in there, friends. 


  1. What a beautiful birthday cake to go along with a gorgeous girl :)

  2. Cute Pictures! The Cake ♡ :)


  3. Awesome shots ~ she is adorable and photogenic ~ Great Mom! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Always lovely to see your sweeties! Too cute {and her little dress is adorable! Sigh...I do miss being able to dress mine up lol}

  5. Such an adorable little birthday girl. I love your cake decoration too, nicely done!

  6. great shots! Love the cake and the plate it is on! please wish Rowan a happy birthday!

  7. I love the one with her looking at the book. Speaking of which, I think we need an update of photos for the fridge!

  8. Adorable. Happy Birthday to her, and I love that dress! :)

  9. Happy Birthday again to my little birthday buddy! What a sweet little honeysuckle she is!

  10. Sweet cake, and Rowan is an absolute doll!

  11. So sweet!!! Thanks for sharing this GREAT post!!!


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