Tuesday, May 8, 2012

secrets + negotiations

Brian has been working way past dinnertime lately, so we try to fit in quality family dinners on the weekends.  I stay pretty flexible in regards to what and how much the littles eat.  I'm guilty of making them something separate from what I make Brian and me sometimes.  But when I do that, I still have a rule that they try at least ONE bite of what Brian and I are eating.  This has worked well for me, because once it has been on their plate a few times, they will start eating it all on their own!  However, I experiment a LOT in the kitchen, so I like to keep a little something familiar on their plates when I do.  Fletcher is becoming a champ at eating new foods, and even enjoying them. 
But Rowan?  Not so much.
It is HARD to get her to comply with our one bite rule.  So we end up with a screaming Rowan if we press the issue.  Instead of insisting, we start negotiating.  You want some juice with this?  Then take a bite!
You want to get down?  First you take a bite!
Meanwhile, Fletcher has finished his "new" food, and is busy doing this:
and this:
aaaaand this, too:
And just maybe, while laughing and distracted by Fletcher, Rowan might be doing this:
And when all else fails, we offer fudgesicles and secrets.  Mama gets out the fudgesicles.
And Papa doles out secrets.
They love Papa's secrets.  But they are classified secrets, sorry.
And every bite of the "new" food was eaten by both littles.
Success!  What others might view as bribery, I view as incentive.  Do you think there's a difference?


  1. Haha - I think it's smart! :-D

  2. What cute pictures- I love the one with her feet on the table! We do a mix of separate and shared meals- sometimes I want something really spicy or we eat later and so cooking for everyone doesn't always work. Your system sounds like a good one.

  3. I like it! I'm the same way with Sam. It doesn't seem worth it to make trying a bite of a new food so miserable. So if he eats one bite of whatever we've offered, great, now have some pretzels. ;)

  4. Incentive it is.
    As long as they eat, right?
    They look so adorable.


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