Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a bit of green

I finished many little projects while my parents were visiting.  One was planting all the veggies and herbs that Brian and the littles got me for Mother's Day.  My mom actually helped with these, too.
I'm doing all container gardening this year.  Between the deer, rabbits, moles, bobcats(!) and birds, our yard has more woodland creatures than a Disney movie.  I figure the safest bet for my herbs and vegetables are to be high up on the deck near the house.  We'll see.
I have already used the herbs in pretty much everything I've cooked since planting them.  I've even thrown some into a drink!  This is my first time with eggplant and leeks.  I'll try not to kill them.  I love to have gardens and flowers, but I'm not always spot on with maintenance.  Here's hoping for a greenish thumb this year!


  1. That's so exciting that you got all that done! Wish I could say the same. ;) Bobcats? yikes

  2. Love your version :)The little labels are a very nice touch.

  3. Your garden lookes like it is growing well. Mine lived through the trip neglect and we're also enjoying the snips of herbs. My mesclun box is growing gangbusters.

  4. So sweet! I just got mine potted yesterday-- we use pots because I can put them on the sill in the kitchen thus improving their chances of surviving our brown thumbs LOL

  5. It looks really promising! :-)


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