Monday, May 14, 2012

a mother's day

I hope that all mothers had a great day yesterday!  Mine was perfect.  It started with a bagel, coffee, and cards in bed.  We went to mass, and the littles were pretty good.  When we got home, Brian whipped up a huge brunch, and we all feasted.  The rest of the day included some reading, a nap, and just enjoying my little family.  Brian and the littles got me a huge plat of herbs and veggies to plant, so now I have my work cut out for me!  I missed spending the day with my own mama, but at least this way I wasn't "outranked" and I got to bask in being the only mama around.  I did send my mom a corsage from Sugarfield Flowers, and she wore it proudly, and beautifully.
And now I'm so excited to be having both my parents come and stay this week!  Which is great.  Because I have this huge plat of herbs and veggies to plant...


  1. Great pics of all of you - I'm glad you had a fab day! :-)

  2. You look beautiful and it sounds like you had a great day! I love planting herbs. I haven't even done it yet this year but it's never too late.

  3. You're gorgeous! And your hair color is still mighty dashing if I do say so myself. I thought of you yesterday- I got to go thrifting at the local Goodwill ALL BY MYSELF HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ME. ;) I didn't find anything nearly as awesome as you normally do, but I like to blame that on our craptastic area, not my mad thrifting skills. ;) lol

    Glad y'all had a nice relaxing day and I can't wait to see how your veggies and herbs turn out! (If your yard is any indication of how well they will grow, well, I think you are going to have quite the overload of herbs and veggies.. :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I had a very relaxing day as well.


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